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Become a trading partner

Would you like to become a trading partner, a reseller or a seller?
It is our aim to cover the entire market with competent and professional partners or resellers worldwide!
Which advantages does a Mastertent trading partner have?

  • Quality product with international certifications as well as generous guarantee performances on our products
  • The highest competence in the services sector through fastest delivery times and reliable transportation organization
  • The highest competence in the production line by a production of one's own in all areas as well as by continuous research and development activity
  • Advice, information, service at new products as well as at the development of new products
  • As MASTERTENT partners you can make use of our marketing instruments and our know-how
  • Product training and introduction to the Mastertent sales philosophy and strategy for partners, employees and sales staff
  • Active communication and continuous experience and idea exchange
  • Partner meetings
To be successful in the sale of MASTERTENT products, a not to be underestimated effort is necessary. Do you intend to accept the challenge? Contact us under the following e-mail address:

Become a trading partner
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