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Flags and banners

Do you attend fairs, markets and exhibitions and need to represent your product with a tent? Then you might also need a flag. We recommend our flags & banners to “present yourself effectively on the scene”.

Our flags guaranty the best possible visibility of your logo from afar. The wind-penetrable fabric is printed on one side in the so-called sublimation method , i.e., the print is transparent, like usual flags. The simple and quick assembly and disassembly is ensured by the lightweight aluminum poles and swinging joints.

1. Flags and banners for the tents

Unique and possible only by MASTERTENT folding tents is the upon-roof installation of flags and banners! Our patented solution is your guarantee for your message to be visible far and wide! You can mount our flags and banners directly on the peak of the roof: our flags and banners are attached to the tent when closed and rise automatically into their high position when the roof opens:

Flags mounted on the tent roof

Banner mounted on the tent roof

Dimensions of the tent flags and banners

Flags Tent size

Flags can be attached to any tent size
width: approx. 80 cm
height: 200 cm

Banner Tent size

8 x 4 m
width: approx. 395 cm
height: 80 cm

6 x 4 m
width: approx. 195 cm
height: approx. 60 cm

6 x 3 m
width: approx. 300 cm
height: 50 cm

4,5 x 3 m
width: approx. 145 cm
height: 50 cm
The in-house production allows special inquiries any time.


With the beginning of 2015 we have introduced the new modern and very stylish looking MASTERTENT flag. Our MASTERTENT flag is suitable for all those who want to increase their brand awareness even further, or for those who don't have a MASTERTENT folding tent but still require a high end product.

Thanks to the new rounding on top the flag is much more eye catching and is now perfected even further to make it an even better advertising tool when used for fairs, markets, exhibitions etc. It is available in two different sizes and can be fixed on the ground with a base plate or a simple four legged foot. As always the new MASTERTENT flag can be individually printed with sublimation printing.

See more details here >>

Mastertent Flag

Dimensions of MASTERTENT flag


width: approx. 90 cm
height: 250 cm

width: approx. 95 cm
height: 340 cm
The in-house production allows special inquiries any time.

Delivery package

Depending on the product, the delivery package contains: flags/banner poles, connectors, the foot base for ground flags/banners as well as a convenient carrying bag.
Flags and banners
Flags and banners
Flags and banners
Flags and banners
Flags and banners

Flags and banners
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