Customer’s first choice

Why especially MASTERTENT is the international number one manufacturer of folding tents? The answer is simple: MASTERTENT knows how to satisfy its quality-conscious customers.

As so often in life, even at MASTERTENT all good things come in threes. MASTERTENT focuses its development and production of folding tents on three crucial aspects: First of all, on a high quality level expressed by the outstanding functionality of the folding tents. Secondly, on an excellent durability with no signs of wear, even after setting up the folding tents for hundreds of times. And last, but not least, on the simplicity of the setting up process. It is not without reason that the setting up can take place within a few seconds.

Good things are rewarded

Our market entry in the United Kingdom was a full success. This has been shown in particular by the strong demand from well-known customers located all over the United Kingdom and acting in a wide variety of branches: from the food industry over the automobile industry to the energy sector. MASTERTENT meets all requirements. Thus the application areas are as different as day and night: while some clients use MASTERTENT for their presentation at different events, others use it for fairs and exhibitions.
What they all have in common is that they expected a high-quality product and for sure, they were not disappointed. But we do not want to withhold some of our clients from you, so…

Just have a look at our TOP references!

We are proud to present you a special brochure that has especially been exposed to give you a brief insight into our selected references. In addition to Guinness , you can also find brands like Subaru and Innasol, for example. Feel free to browse through the online version of the brochure or to download it on the following link.