Well known as one of the toughest races, the Acropolis Rally once again proves its fame right. As its venue has returned to Central Greece after several years, men and machines fight with the demanding Special Stages of Fthiotida and Fokida, trying to combine speed with... survival skills. Top crews of the European and the Greek Championship competed against each other today in 6 Special Stages covering 104.84 km of distance, before the eyes of thousands of spectators.

82 crews are registered to take their place at the Ceremonial Start of the SEAJETS 2016 Acropolis Rally, which will be held at Leonidas' monument in Thermopylae. Entries for the event are by far more numerous this year than they have been in any of the recent organizations; 35 crews participating in the European Rally Championship, while 47 local entries will be there, counting only for the Greek Rally Championship.

As already last year, Mastertent folding tents were used during the Race for a wide variety of purposes, as you can see!
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