Mastertent at the Dine, Wine and Music

Summer is the peak season of festivities and also in South Tyrol one festival is chasing the next one. No matter if traditional celebrations, modern concerts, classic parades or culinary events – there is the right event for everyone. Also this year the top-class culinary event took place in Brixen: Dine, Wine and Music.

Culinary delights and South Tyrol's best wines accompanied by harmonious sounds

At Brixen’s Cathedral Square innkeepers were presenting themselves from their very best side and provided the visitors with freshly prepared delicacies - a culinary enjoyment of the highest level. The delicious dishes were accompanied by the finest wines of the region and pleasant sounds. The enjoyable evening in the episcopal city of South Tyrol attracted a lot of people and gave them many enchanting moments among families and friends combined with specialities and good wine.

Mastertent folding tents used as kitchen and bar

The dishes were mostly prepared freshly and served on the spot so every innkeeper needed an appropriate shelter. Our folding tents were used as mobile kitchens and bars on this occasion but also just as a mobile canopy. Thank’s to the stable construction which can be set up fast and easily in 60 seconds, our folding tent was perfectly suitable for that event. The intelligent combination of our folding tents with their different accessories like counters, lighting or side walls gave the event a touch of elegance and class. The whole Cathedral Square was equipped with our tents which created an extraordinary atmosphere.

Film for Dine, Wine and Music in Brixen

In the course of the event we shot a video that doesn’t only demonstrate the simple use of our folding tents but also provides an insight into the event. Take a look at the video and get inspired, we would be pleased to welcome you at the Wine, Dine and Music in Brixen next year.