Moving images at MASTERTENT

There are already many convenient videos of our MASTERTENT folding tents. No matter whether it concerns videos about the assembly in general, attaching the side walls and counter elements, the assembly of accessories or the exchange of spare parts – on our YouTube channel, you can find the appropriate video for nearly every single and spare part.

MASTERTENT dives into the world of animations

Our technical videos and “How to”-tutorials are quite useful – but not really entertaining. That’s why MASTERTENT chose another type of videos: entertaining animated videos. They explain all of MASTERTENT’s advantages and additional benefits with the help of humorous stories.

Thereby, MASTERTENT tries to focus more on the story than on technical details.

The market stall is the first one

Our first animated video is about the tent for a market, which is the key to success for Anna and Tom. With their new MASTERTENT folding tent, they immediately become the centre of interest. The customers queue up and the other market stall keepers have no choice but to watch.

Many other videos will follow after this one, with new stories, different topics and countless fields of application.