Party tents by MASTERTENT celebrate with you.

“You have to celebrate the parties as they come." All too often, the weather is far from ideal for parties, celebrations and festivities outdoors and if you cannot move the parties inside, you have to be equipped for any situation. Our party tents are the fitting companion for any party.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be reporting on our party tent and its possibilities of use at company celebrations, weddings, grill and garden parties with friends, family celebrations, as well as other festivities and anniversaries. We will show you among other things how you can best apply the party tent and provide practical tips on furnishings and decorating.

Waterproof party tents in all sizes and colours

Our party tents are all 100% waterproof and fire-resistant, making them ideal for a party outdoors. Possibilities of use are unlimited: whether as a simple smoker tent in front of your ballroom, a canopy for your buffet, shade creator at your garden party or as protection in bad weather. Party tents by MASTERTENT are as multifaceted as your guests and therefore always a good fit at a variety of parties. Depending on the size of the party and the number of guests, the party tent can be purchased in a variety of sizes and you can quite easily offer protection for over 100 guests. In addition, all our party tents can be easily connected with each other, so that even very large surfaces can be covered without a problem.

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A number of design possibilities to suit any occasion

Each of our party tents is available in a variety of colours and can be customised for any occasion. While colour does not make much of a difference at a grill party with friends, for especially festive occasions, like weddings, anniversaries or birthdays, we have very special possibilities for customisation: A party tent furnished with elegant corner curtains and accessories lets your tent and your party shine with special splendour. Thanks to the combination of intelligent accessories, you can easily provide your party tent with warmth and light, so nothing stands in the way of a long night of partying.

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Decorating and equipping the party tent

Again and again, the question comes up of how a party tent should be equipped and decorated. Our answer: Decorations completely depend on the party and vary based on the occasion and the guest list. For a grill party with friends, none of your guests will expect decorations, so you can save on that in this case. Yet for a wedding, everything has to match, starting with the colour of the party tent, through the choice of the right seating, up to the tablecloths and table decorations. We will be discussing suitable decorations in future reports from the "Party Tent" series, where we will provide a few tips on fitting decor depending on the use.