The best among the best

We take pride in it.

From A like Adidas to Z like Zurich – we have already produced for the best. No matter whether international enterprises or global brands – they all choose MASTERTENT, since only the best is appropriate for them.

Especially international enterprises and even so-called global brands need high quality folding tents in order to present them at different events, fairs and exhibitions. Therefore, it is natural that only MASTERTENT meets all of their requirements.

MASTERTENT relies on quality

Everybody can offer cheap products – but only few folding tent manufacturers rely on both quality and functionality when it comes to their production. Our high quality folding tents can be set up within seconds. Even after the 100th time, the assembly and decomposition will work out smoothly.

Our TOP references

MASTERTENT folding tents are suited for every kind of enterprise or brand, which values our quality and functionality. No matter in which business sector your enterprise is situated – our folding tents can be used anytime.

We have compiled a brochure including a vast range of our TOP references, so that all of our customers and prospective customers know how versatile our tents are and in which business sectors they are already being used.

Porsche, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Sky, Breitling, Yamaha, Samsung, …

Our customers are situated in many different business sectors. This clearly shows the versatility of our folding tents and in how many ways they can be used. Amongst others, we have customers situated in the following sectors: automobile and motor sports, food and beverage industry, sports sector, banking and insurance sector, luxury manufacturers and also different clubs.

Online brochure and download brochure

We have compiled an own brochure including all our TOP references, so that you can see who relies on our MASTERTENT folding tents. It is available online at our homepage and it can be downloaded as well.

Take a look at the brochure online >>