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BATIMAT | Paris - 07/11 – 12/11/2011

25.10.2011 de Mastertent
International architecture fair

Batimat is one of the world leading architecture fairs. It joins the most comprehensive product range, equipment and service in the world and attracts the largest number of French and international professionals (developers, planner, contractors and distributors). Professional of all kinds meet here, where technical solutions for tomorrows constructions and sustainable development partly emerge. MASTERTENT can use this fair, on the basis of such a platform, to expand its commercial horizon and establish new connections, also with international customers. And as we will attend the fair Batimat the first time with our MASTERTENT membrane building, we created a very special exhibition stand for our customers and potential buyer. A high-end stand; coequal with our product.

Won’t you visit the Batimat?   
Than simply have a look at our new web site and discover all our assortment (permanent constructions, semi-permanent structures, textile event architecture, small sails): www.mt-mb.com
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BATIMAT | Paris - 07/11 – 12/11/2011
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