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MASTERTENT | Big order - Economic cooperative Chiusa

03.08.2012 de Mastertent
We could achieve recently a very impressive success on the Italian market, specifically in South Tyrol / Klausen. Our sales agent could acquire the economic cooperative Chiusa as customer. This association organizes a weekly fresh-products-market where farmers and other producers are selling their south-tyrolean products. Therefore, the customer required 11 MASTERTENT folding tents: 7 tents with 3x3m, 3 tents with 3x2m and 1 tent with 6x3m - each with awning on one side. As leading producer of top quality tents on the international market our tents matched the association’s demand of high standard and therefore we won against our competitors. The main reason of the customer's choice was the fact that MASTERTENT is the world's only folding tent manufacturer who can supply a coloured tent structure. For the customer it was very important that the roof, the walls and even the tent structure is furnished in bordeaux-red color (> photo gallery). The MASTERTENTs will now be in use for the next couple of years for the promotion and the sales of products such as South Tyrol Bacon, potatoes, wine, apples and much more.

We are happy to have been able to acquire such an interesting customer and we would like to wish him and his partners all the best for the future and success with our MASTERTENT folding tents.
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MASTERTENT | Big order - Economic cooperative Chiusa
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