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New catalogues | Ready for download!

03.02.2012 de Mastertent
As we have all noticed recently, now the world turns around a lot faster than it did a few years ago. For this, a growing and innovative company, must develop the products continuously, presenting to the customers interesting things over and over again and advertise with special price offers.
No sooner said than done. Now, 2012, we have expanded our product range and offer even more sizes with even more optionals.

The highlight of 2012: Coloured aluminum frames - available in 212 different colours. 

To present this visually and lyrically in an easier way we have updated our catalogues. They are now ready for download (click click) and also to print from our website. 
Simply browse online - of course free - in our main catalogue and/or in our exclusive Hot News 2012 catalogue!
Our main catalogue will take you across the MASTERTENT world and our folding tents. And in the Hot news catalogue you´ll learn everything about our new products and special price offers in 2012! Let yourself be surprised!

We wish you all a common, prosperous and healthy year 2012!

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New catalogues | Ready for download!
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