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Product novelty: MASTERTENT Shop 3x3,8m

23.03.2011 de Mastertent Product novelty: MASTERTENT Shop 3x3,8m

We have revolutionized the world of folding tents. Once again.

Thanks to the self-opening and preassembled roof, 80 cm of eaves and 11.4 m2, this product convince with a even larger, covered and also printable surface. Therefore, our new product, the MASTERTENT Shop 3x3,8m becomes the ideal sales and promotion tent. Due to the modular system, namely the possibility to combine several of these tents, it offers unlimited possibilities. And despite the very generous 11.4 m2 this quality product remains the lightest version of our MASTERTENT shop line. Simply brilliant.

SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER: Get more! …for less money.

PAY 9m2GET 11,4 m2

At the price of a MASTERTENT classic 3x3 (profile 43x49mm) you receive our new product MASTERTENT Shop 3x3,8m:

11,4 m2 of sales area and advertising space. 

...of these we give you 2,4m2 for free! Exclusively and only for a short time!

Take the opportunity! Go for it. 


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Product novelty: MASTERTENT Shop 3x3,8m
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