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Mastertent | Auvent mobile

The customer’s request:
The customer has bought different Mastertent Classic end of 2010. They were planned to use as info and sales point. The customer decided to buy the classic tents because the shops were not available in all sizes. Since the beginning, the customer’s problem was that rain and sun afflicted his goods. Therefore, the customer asked us the possibility to have an additional mountable mobile awning to apply at the forefront of the tent.
The MASTERTENT solution:
During the implementation phase the following problems, which were to be solved, showed up:
Water outflow between roof and awning; regulation of the awning’s tension as the tissue stretches with the time and the awning sags; the difficulty of the set up of the lateral walls with the mounted awning; the set up must be possible without tools; the awning must be just one component in order not to lose single parts. After several prototypes we were able to produce a mobile awning for every Mastertent Classic tent with a base diameter of 49 mm.  The set up of the awning is simple and feasible only on the opposite sites. The tents can still be set up modularly and therefore also the rain gutter system works. Even a set up on our shops is not a problem.

Mastertent | Auvent mobile
Mastertent | Auvent mobile
Mastertent | Auvent mobile
Mastertent | Auvent mobile
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Mastertent | Auvent mobile
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