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Nastro Azzurro | Pająk

Customer request:
Nastro Azzurro wanted to have, besides his rectangular and quadratic MASTERTENT tents, once a special tent shape for his events on sand beaches. The requirements were, as far as possible, a single central post, a very easy delivery weight and a small pack size. The cover must have different access possibility to the bar and reach down till the ground, where anchorages should uphold and tension it.
The MASTERTENT solution:
Consequentially to the customer’s request we produced a tent which has a completely different aspect as our 16 standard MASTERTENT tents. From the central post, panels go down to the ground through five arms. The fixing in the sand happens with special tent pegs of 1 meter length. Alternatively we can deliver tent pegs of 30 – 35 cm for grassland use. Hereby a few measures:
  • Interior height: approx. 4,00 m
  • Transition height: approx. 2,05 m
  • Diameter cover: approx. 2,90 m
  • External measures: approx. 7,70 m

As all MASTERTENT we also delivered this one with a waterproofed, certificated and fire-resistant material. Due to the experience gained with this order now we are able to produce without problems single orders for such kind of tents. 
Nastro Azzurro | Pająk
Nastro Azzurro | Pająk
Nastro Azzurro | Pająk
Nastro Azzurro | Pająk
Nastro Azzurro | Pająk
Nastro Azzurro | Pająk

Nastro Azzurro | Pająk
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by Mastertent - 28.05.2015 - News


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