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... and why they perfectly fit together.

The EuregioFamilyPass promises 1 card with many advantages. Coupled with our folding tent, it offers many advantages for even more families. Mrs. Cavicchi tells us the reason behind this ...

A must-have for all families – the EuregioFamilyPass

The EuregioFamilyPass is available in South Tyrol, Trentino and Tyrol. It grants many privileges for families of the European region. Including cheaper access to various leisure facilities such as swimming pools and ski lifts, price reductions on admissions to museums and exhibitions, discounted mobility services and lots of shopping advantages. Everybody who is aware of the benefits and amenities of the EuregioFamilyPass, knows that it is a must-have for all families in the European region.

At the moment, the project is still in its infancy and only few people know about the card’s advantages. "It's time to change that," states Cora Cavicchi, project manager of the EuregioFamilyPass, "with the help of the Mastertent advertising tent!"

A true eye-catcher

To spread the advantageous family card and create awareness Mrs. Cavicchi and her team plan to participate with their 10x10 ft advertising tent at various information and family events

"One must be noticeable, in order to be seen”, she explains. This principle is well known to us. The launch of a new project, such as the Family Pass, needs maximum visibility in order to attract and inspire as many interested people as possible. Therefore, we offer fully printable advertising tents. Not only the roof, but also the side walls can be branded. Additionally Mrs. Cavicchi and her team use the wood counter of the 10x10 ft advertising tent, to present promotional material noticeably and well accessible. 

Promotion tent
Our promotional tent ensures effective advertising, while remaining flexible and mobile. Promotion tent
Promotion tent

A reliable companion, no matter what the weather brings.

Especially during the summer months many information events take place outdoors. The absolute weather resistance of the advertising tent therefore played a decisive role in the purchase decision. Mrs. Cavicchi additionally decided to equip the advertising tent with awnings on all four sides. Consequently, the tent not only protects the team from the sun and rain, but also keeps interested families dry and cool even on hot days. “When a few drops fall, the awnings often function as ‘door openers’ for new discussions, because then the dry place under the awnings becomes very popular…”, reports the project manager with a twinkle in his eye. 

Moreover, being present at many information events also means having to set up and dismantle the advertising tent many times. Fortunately, this is one of Mastertents strengths. The advertising tents can be set up easily and safely in just 60 seconds. The same applies to the renewed dismantling. The EuregioFamilyPass project group asked Mastertent for an assembly training - a request that we were more than happy to accommodate! The Mastertent "training" ran smoothly and quickly, much faster than Mrs. Cavichi had imagined, because of the simplicity of the assembly process. Even her initial doubts regarding the wood counter could be quickly removed during the test construction. To Mrs. Cavicchi's astonishment, the awnings open fully automatically during the set up. 

Gazebo with awnings
You want to protect your products from heat and bad weather, but also offer your customers protection from rain or strong sunlight?  
Then our gazebo with automatic awnings  is your ideal solution!
Gazebo with awnings
Gazebo with awnings

Why the EuregioFamiliyPass Mastertent are a dream team

We understand that Mrs. Cavicchi had also looked for other competitor folding tent suppliers, we were interested why she has chosen us. Mastertent convinced me with "l'offerta più completa" - the most complete offer: the easy assembly and disassembly, the wide range of personalization possibilities, the short delivery times, the excellent service and the outstanding quality. Everything was just perfect. Quality and brand promise are not just a promise, but reality."

Of course, we are very happy to receive such feedback. It shows us once again that we are on the right track. And despite the turbulent Easter period, we were able to design the advertising tent in the shortest possible time, produce and deliver it exactly according to the customer's wishes, even including the assembly training. Thanks to our great team and the perfectly coordinated workflow.

We would like to thank Mrs. Cavicchi for the interview and above all for her trust and positive feedback. We are sure that she will reach and convince many families with the help of our advertising tent and her enthusiasm for the Euregio project. 1 card, many advantages - 1 card and 1 tent, many advantages for even more families. 

Did the Mastertent advertising tent also help you to inform many people about your company or your product and to inspire them? Tell us about your experiences, we are curious!

Mitarbeiterin Sonja Zingerle
Author: Sonja Zingerle, Marketing
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