European Partner Meeting at Mastertent

On the 17th of February Mastertent organised an European Partner Meeting. 70 sales partners from Italy and all over Europe came to South Tyrol. 15 nations were present such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland, and even partners from more distant countries such as France, Spain, Slovakia, Israel, Russia, Sweden and Finland came to South Tyrol to attend the meeting held by the company owners Martin and Georg Zingerle.

Meeting in the fortress Franzensfeste

The conference was held in the fortress Franzensfeste, where topics as new products, sales strategies and company organization were discussed. Another issue on the agenda was a tribute to the long-standing partners carried out by Martin and Georg Zingerle themselves. They honored the 20-year partnership with Spain and Germany as well as Italian sales representatives who have been part of the company for 10 years or more.

Gala dinner on the Plose mountain

The day was capped off with an elegant dinner at the mountain restaurant “La Finestra” on the Plose mountain, to which not only the sales team attended but also the 45 employees of the Zingerlemetal headquarters. The very special atmosphere was perfect for some more honors, this time for the long-standing headquarters’ employees, such as Cäcilia Fürler, which has been part of the Zingerlemetal team for 20 years already.

The stronger the team spirit...

Events like this have always been very important for Martin and Georg Zingerle, because they promote the team spirit and to maintain a good working atmosphere. Following the principle: “The stronger the team spirit, the easier it is to achieve the set goals with the whole team”.

Mitarbeiterin Barbara Petrouschek
Author: Barbara Petrouschek, Sales & Market Building
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