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“With moving images into the future” – Mastertent's new trails

Mastertent is blazing new trails in marketing communications, placing greater focus on videos and moving images. In 2017, the company had already begun with the production of its first animation videos on folding tents. But in 2018, Mastertent is really getting going...

For a long time now, Mastertent has already been producing practical How To videos on the use of its folding tents. Last year, Mastertent then set the first standards in the direction of moving and animated images that demonstrate the advantages of folding tents to customers in an entertaining way.

More creative than the competition

And our level of creativity will only increase through 2018. That’s why we are blazing new trails, clearly distinguishing ourselves from the competition above all through our self-produced videos. With every video that we produce, our intent is to create something very particular. Simply copying our previous ideas is completely out of the question. We will treat each video as if it were the most important one and indeed the only one that we have ever produced.

Curious already? We'll reveal what you can look forward to.

In the upcoming weeks, we will present our new animation videos to you. The one minute videos will plainly and clearly show the advantages, unique selling points, and comprehensive possibilities for individualising the folding tents. Customised for every sector, area, and possibility of use, the videos are the perfect instrument for the company's global marketing communications.

You can be excited about and already look forward to the video that fits your own requirements and ideas.


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Mitarbeiterin Melanie Hopfgartner
Author: Melanie Hopfgartner, Marketing
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