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We at MASTERTENT place emphasis on growth through innovation. Our daily activities and trade are characterized by our focus on quality.

It is important for us to bear in mind the values of MASTERTENT on a daily basis and pass this mentality on to our partners and customers so that we can always keep one step ahead of the competition.
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Long-standing experience

MASTERTENT has been established on the folding tent market for 23 years.
The roots of MASTERTENT can be traced back to 1948. Our first folding tent went on the market in 1993. Today, we are the market leader of folding tents and cause our competitors one headache after another by constantly setting new standards.

Locations in 25 countries across 5 continents

MASTERTENT is represented in 25 different countries across a total of 5 continents.
High-quality MASTERTENT folding tents can be purchased at all our sites. Our subsidiaries and sales partners in these countries share all our values and grow together with us through conviction.

25,000 convinced customers worldwide

Customer satisfaction is our primary objective.
We are pleased that so many MASTERTENT owners in all corners of the world are full of praise for our folding tents.

In-house production

All our folding tents are made from scratch in our own production facility in Alto-Adige / South Tyrol (Italy), allowing us to meet the shortest of delivery times.
We are able to supply our folding tents to you quickly, since our customers benefit from our purchasing channels directly with us or one of the official MASTERTENT partners. In addition, we are better able to respond to special wishes and distinctive customer requirements thanks to our in-house production.

Our own research & development

We are constantly investing in our employees and pushing our products and services to the next level.
Our own research and development department develops and optimizes our products to the extent that we are always one step ahead of our competitors and our folding tents are always state-of-the-art.

Our in-house graphics & printing department

The presentation and representation of your own company and brand are increasingly important, whereby individual printing solutions have become an essential component of marketing.
Customized printing with your logo and advertising slogan will turn your folding tent into a real eye-catcher. This is why we place particular importance on high-quality personalization options. Thanks to our in-house graphics and printing department, we are particularly flexible when it comes to special customer requirements and can also guarantee the shortest of delivery times. Our printing techniques are regularly examined and further developed so that we can achieve optimal results.

The added values of MASTERTENT

This is why opting for a professional MASTERTENT folding tent is the right choice for open air events.


The easy way to the folding tent of your choice

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