Folding tents by application

Folding tents for any situation. Whether at trade fairs, markets, promotional tours, at parties or in the garden: a folding tent is always suitable.

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Our folding tents are suitable for any type of event and always provide suitable roofing. The versatility makes our folding tents unique and genuine all-rounders, which can be used in any place and at any time. No matter which size you select from our 12 standard versions our folding tents are all made of high quality materials, which are 100% water-proof and fire-retardant.

Communicate your advertising

The primary focus at trade fairs, markets and other promo tours is always on advertising. You can turn yourself into a distinctive advertising medium with the right printing of your folding tent. Our in-house graphics and printing department always works on 3D layouts together with the customer. There are three different possibilities for the printing, so that the customer always receives premium quality at low prices.

The most suitable colour

You can also select the most suitable material and structural colouring alongside the size and possible printing. Your folding tent can be put together entirely in line with your wishes: everything with tone-in-tone integration or colourful – this is no problem for us. Only MASTERTENT offers the service where the structure can also be tailored to match your folding tent.

Visit us in the United States: Types of use
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