The MASTERTENT refreshment stand

You are always well-equipped for each event with our mobile and sturdy refreshment stand.

The mobile MASTERTENT refreshment stand combines the highest quality and best comfort. The sturdy steel structure, the quick assembly and the full-surface personalization options have proven a hit especially among our beverage retailers. We can count not only small local beverage retailers among our customers, but also international beverage companies such as Red Bull, Coca Cola or Bacardi.

Refreshment stands in various sizes

The mobile refreshment stand is available in three different sizes, namely as a 4-corner, 6-corner or 8-corner pavilion. Regardless of the size of the refreshment stand, they can be assembled in any place in only 10 minutes and without the need for tools.

Printed refreshment stands – grab attention

The option of full-surface personalization of our refreshment stand is another advantage. It can be fully printed on and personalized, so that your own logo is clearly visible and a great advertising impact can be achieved.
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The refreshment stand for big events

Individual and customized

As individual as you and your event! Our pavilions can also be customized precisely to your wishes.

Set the scene with colourful highlights

Both the roof and panels can be colour-coordinated.
You can choose your favourite colour from our range of 10 standard colours for your PVC roof. For even more personality, you can also use the panels as an advertising medium, coordinate the colour scheme and even have them printed with your logo or desired images.

Attractive look with customized printing

Imprint your pavilion according to your wishes for the best look.
Since our pavilion roofs can be imprinted over the entire surface, you can turn any roof into the ideal advertising medium. Our pavilion panels can also be printed on based on your requirements. Draw attention to yourself – we are happy to imprint your pavilion according to your wishes.

Sturdy and robust

Our steel structure ensures greater stability and a solid standing on the ground.

Storm and weather-resistant

The steel structure of the pavilions guarantees a secure and solid standing.
Whether rain or storm – you just can’t anticipate the weather. But you can optimally prepare for it with MASTERTENT. The base frame of our pavilions is made out of galvanized steel. Steel is much more robust than other materials and thus ensures a secure and solid standing on the ground. The feet of the pavilion can be adjusted in height to compensate for irregularities in the ground.

Smart structure

The integrated power socket and the electrical connection facilitate a comfortable working environment.
All of our pavilions contain an integrated cable routing, as well as an integrated power socket and electrical connection. Nothing stands in the way of connecting a power supply.

We give rust no chance

The galvanization treatment acts as additional protection against corrosion and keeps the structure free from rust.

Do not waste time

Our pavilions can not only be assembled and dismantled swiftly, they can also be transported from A to B quickly and conveniently.

Quick assembly

A MASTERTENT pavilion can be operational within 10 minutes thanks to our quick-locking technology.
The base frame is put together initially, the panels and the counter elements added thereafter, then the roof unfurled. The whole structure gives your pavilion stability and a secure standing on the ground.

Practical transport box

Our pavilions are all delivered in a practical 5-part transport box.
The whole pavilion is delivered in a 5-part transport box, whereby everything is properly stored. This transport box gives you the option of properly putting your pavilion into storage after use. The transport box also allows you to quickly and conveniently transport your pavilion from A to B, either individually by hand or stacked one on top of the other as a whole using a forklift.

Quick customer deliveries

We consider the fast and punctual delivery to our customers as very important.
Our partnerships with different transport companies form the basis of our daily delivery service. Of course, the goods, the printing and packaging are thoroughly checked before they are dispatched.


Practical and functional accessories for even more fun during use.
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So that you are well informed

We regularly keep you up to date with everything that is going on at MASTERTENT and are always on hand to provide you with advice and support.