The modern Lago beer tent set is located on the terrace in front of a lake. The beer tent set is decorated with flower vases and a latern.
Front view of the Shorty table and bench set. On the short beer tent set are cake desserts and a carafe of orange juice prepared for breakfast.
Table and bench set with solid wood base frame on a terrace on  the Würzjoch. Behind it the moutain Peitler Kofel. There are 4 beers on the table.


Folding furniture for every occasion.

In addition to our classic beer table sets, we offer a wide range of other folding sets to meet our customer’s needs. Your balcony is rather small, you are thinking of buying a StandUp table or a folding set for your children? Welcome to Mastertent- we offer what you need! Our models Shorty, StandUp and Bambini have especially been developed to meet our customers’ requirements. Would you rather prefer an elegant folding furniture which fits your interior? Then the “Rustica” set is the one for you!

We guarantee many exciting, funny and unique moments with our extraordinary folding furniture!

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2023. Our tables and benches now under a new brand name.

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Model: Rustica

Elegant, but still rustic?

The "Rustica" model is a reinterpretation of our classic folding furniture. The folding set combines the features of a classic beer table set with a rustic and elegant appearance. Functional, space-saving and high- quality, yet also very unique with its wooden base frame and colour. 

The perfect outdoor folding furniture - for those who want to give their garden that particular rustic and elegant touch. 

The base frame of the beer tent set Rustica is half opened.

Model: Lago

Stylish, yet functional?

The design of the “Lago” model is elegant and timeless. It is made of high-quality oak wood and has all the advantages of the classic table and bench set. Because of its unique folding system, the set can be stored away quickly and space-savingly.

The base frame of the Lago set is folded together.

Model: Shorty

The No.1 space saver among our folding sets.
Our Shorty set is the ideal solution for limited space. With a length of 108 cm it can accommodate up to 4 people and is foldable, practical and functional, like all our table and bench sets.

With backrest

Relax on little space? No problem. With the comfortable backrest the Shorty set will be a perfect sitting possibility for your balcony, terrace or garden.

Black half opened base frame of the foldable Shorty beer tent set.

Modell: SitDown

Simple design with a great effect.

May we present to you: our newest model SitDown. The simple and clear design fully convinces. The "SitDown" model consists of 2 m long wooden slats that are individually screwed on the bottom surface. A transparent UV glaze protects the surface of the natural-coloured spruce wood.

For everyone who loves design and funcionality.

Detailed view of the "SitDown" beer table. The table consists of individual slats. A bacon plate can be seen in part.
The woman is closing the bench of the "SitDown" set.

Model: StandUp

Standing ovations for our standing table.

Our foldable StandUp high table with a length of 2 m offers enough space for social gatherings. The attachable footrest ensures comfort even while standing. This model is also foldable and is stowed away quickly and space-savingly.

Beer table as bar table with foot rest.
The closed foldable bar table StandUp - the base frame is closed.

Model: Bambini

A classic children’s table, but foldable.

Whether your children use the table for drawing, eating or messing around, the Bambini folding furniture is designed according to children’s needs. It is only 54 cm high and foldable.

Little table and bench set for children
Half opened base frame of the foldable Bambini beer tent furniture for children.

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