Original MASTERTENT spare parts

You can never rule out that a part might break. Our spare parts for folding tents can be ordered by the customer themselves and be replaced conveniently at home.

There is always the chance that something might break due to incorrect handling or by force majeure, and this is the case with us too. Yet this does not mean that your folding tent should be written off and a new one bought.

Replacing folding tent spare parts yourself

We at MASTERTENT develop spare parts for folding tents that can be easily exchanged by our customers, without using tools or seeking external help. Just order the spare part you require and simply replace it at home yourself with the help of our videos.

Which spare part do I order?

To find out which spare part you need, you simply have to read the code on the respective part and order it from your trusted partner. Our videos will then show you step-by-step how you can fit the spare part.
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Replacement and exchange of spare parts

Upper piece of the tent leg 
Lower piece of the tent leg 
Central post 
Three-way connector 
Scissors mechanism 

The easy way to the folding tent of your choice

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