Mastertent eco-friendly tent fabric in 3 colours: Sand, Stone and Olive, made from recycled PET plastic


To reduce negative impacts on the climate, we strive for an eco-friendly production.

As a manufacturer we take various measures to reduce negative impacts on the climate.

We use high-quality materials in order to reduce big amounts of waste and this in turn helps us to increase our products' longevity. The usage of recyclable materials, the continuous process optimisation as well as the reduction of harmful substances and waste are of great importance to us.

In this way, we manage to make a small contribution to the big picture every day.

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The new premium fabric from Mastertent®
Discover Pirontex®

PIROneering the Future

What makes this fabric so special?
  • Durability and elasticity
  • High resistance
  • High colour fastness
  • Intriguing design
  • Sustainable production
60% less CO2
60% less CO2
50% less energy
50% less energy
80% less water
80% less water


With the development of Pirontex® we have succeeded in creating a highly resistant fabric that was critically tested for all environmental aspects right from the start.
We paid particular attention to the dyeing process which, in the textile industry, is often associated with a high environmental impact.

In the production of our new textile we use:
50% less energy, 
80% less water and
we reduce CO2 emissions by 60%.


A hand shows how the spare part can be attached with a finger.

Product Life Cycle

We manufacture all our products with high-quality materials, machinery and know-how so that they last longer and don't wear out. In addition, we offer repair and replacement services, because extending the life of a product means drastically reducing waste!



All materials we use for the production of folding gazebos, tables and benches, pavilions and inflatables, are 100 % recyclable:

Wood is a naturally renewable raw material that does not create harmful waste and has no negative effects on the environment when used responsibly. This is what we rely on! We only use selected, air-dried spruce wood from local forests and we use 100 % of our wood waste for heating our company building. 

Since minimal impact on the environment is crucial for us, we are actively engaged in the reforestation of local forests.

All fabric remnants created during the production of our folding gazebos are transformed into useful shopping bags by our seamstresses. Every folding gazebo order comes with one of these bags.

Since 2020, these shopping bags are available in a new, versatile design to raise more awareness of environmental issues in an original way.

The aluminium of our folding gazebo's structure is not only an extremely durable material, but also recyclable! Once the long life of our folding gazebos is over, the aluminium can be easily recycled.

The recycling of aluminium, compared to the extraction and production of new material, saves 95 % of energy!

Like aluminium, the steel we use for the structure of our pavilions and tables and benches is 100 % recyclable.

Moreover, steel is the most recycled material in the world as it does not lose any of its properties during its reprocessing and thus can be processed countless times.

We use small plastic components for connecting our folding gazebos' aluminium structures. These prevent friction between various components of the structure and between the structure and the fabric, which extends its life

Plastic parts make up only a small part of our components and can be recycled.

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