To reduce negative impacts on the climate, we strive for an eco-friendly production.

As a manufacturer we take various measures to reduce negative impacts on the climate.

We use high-quality materials in order to reduce big amounts of waste and this in turn helps us to increase our products' longevity. The usage of recyclable materials, the continuous process optimisation as well as the reduction of harmful substances and waste are of great importance to us.

In this way, we manage to make a small contribution to the big picture every day.

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NEW since 2020:

Eco-fabrics for your folding gazebo. Available in three colours.

Label Oeko-Tex. Confidence in Textiles. Standard 100.

Three new eco-fabric colours

Made from 100% recycled materials. 

As a producer, it is our concern to reduce negative effects on the climate. This is why we recently started offering fabrics made from 100% recycled polyester for our gazebos.

This polyester is, among others, made of old PET bottles which results in less plastic waste ending up in landfills or the sea. Several energy-intensive steps are skipped in the manufacturing process of these fabrics, thus avoiding large amounts of CO2 emissions.

Certified fabrics

Our recycled fabric has been tested and certified by the Control Union Certifications B.V. accredited testing agency.


All main components of our products are made of recyclable materials.


All the materials we use in the production of folding gazebos, tables and benches, pavilions and inflatables are 100% recyclable:

  • Fabrics made of polyester or PVC
  • Aluminium
  • Plastic connectors
  • Steel and 
  • Wood


Wood is one of the rare raw materials that is naturally renewed and which improves the quality of nature when cultivated sustainably. We count on it. You can as well!

We only use selected, air- and chamber-dried spruce wood from local forests. In addition, 100% of our wood waste, resulting from the production, are used to heat the building. 

Since we care about our environment, we reforest local forests.

Fabric scraps

All fabric remnants that are generated during the production of our folding gazebos are further processed by our seamstresses into handy shopping bags. Every time one of our folding gazebos is ordered, we add one of these shopping bags to the delivery.

Since 2020, our shopping bags are available in a new, versatile design that deliberately wants to raise awareness on this issue.

5,000 bags

were sewed by our seamstresses with fabric remnants of our folding gazebos in 2020.

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