Social Sustainability

We want to develop and move forward, but not without those around us

Our goal is to constantly evolve, to continue refining our products and to develop as a company. In order to do so, however, we do not want to leave anyone behind: not the employees, not the local communities where our company is based in, and not even those in need who are located even further away from us.

This is why we engage in various social projects to ensure that we do not grow alone, but along with others, and that the community benefits from our presence.

Corporate culture

Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development
Good health and wellbeing
Good health and wellbeing

Workshops With Disabled People

For more than 25 years, the disabled people of the local Social Institution have been part of the Mastertent family.

Over the years, more than 3,500 sets of pegs have been packed and 30,000 component parts of gazebo legs have been assembled by disabled people and by those who are in a phase of professional reintegration. This work is organised by the Social Institution as part of the "Kastell" workshop.

Culture in the Company

In 2015, our annual tradition called 'Kultur in der Fabrik', a series of charity events offering music, theatre, cabaret and comedy, was born. These events are open to everyone and take place in a special location: the production hall of Mastertent. The first event was held with the participation of the South Tyrolean National Youth Choir and other musical groups from the region. The entire net proceeds were donated to the 'Lebenshilfe Südtirol' welfare institution.

In 2016, the cabaret 'Drüber' was performed in our production hall featuring South Tyrolean theatre actress Ingrid Maria Lechner. The 2017 Musical Night was equally successful thanks to the local band. The proceeds from both years were donated to the 'Trotzdem Reden' association.

The motto of the 2018 charity event was 'Taking time during Advent'. The Advent concert of the local Men's Choir and the 'Gasser Gitschn' singers from Schabs took place on 7 December at 7.30 p.m. in the Mastertent production rooms. The proceeds of this evening went to Artur Schmitt's kindergarten project in Brazil.

The charity concert with Max von Milland in our production halls was a real success! The last edition of 'Culture in the Factory' took place in 2019 and after a 2-year stop caused by the Covid19 pandemic, the tradition was resumed this year with even more enthusiasm. We pledged to fully fund the event by making admission free of charge. Visitors were then invited to make a voluntary donation to the charity organisation Südtirol hilft. Max von Milland contributed to the great success of this edition with songs in which he tells about his homeland, and provided great musical entertainment: not only on stage, but also in the audience, people sang and even danced!


For two years now, events have been at a standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, we have not given up! 

In December 2021, at our headquarters in South Tyrol, we collected warm clothes and blankets which we donated to the 'Südtiroler Vinzenzgemeinschaft', a non-profit association that helps people in need who live in our region. The huge participation of employees and the community was heartwarming.


Close to Ukraine

Since the first news of the conflict, both employees and management have been trying to figure out what could be done to help Ukrainian citizens. This resulted in several projects that have hopefully helped some people in need.

Helfende Hände' is a South Tyrolean association which is situated, among other countries, in Romania on the border with Ukraine. We have collaborated with them on a threefold project: Our employees collected boxes with hygiene articles, non-perishable food etc. and as a company we donated several of our gazebos and tables and benches and assumed the costs of the transport of the goods to Romania. 

Thanks to our partner Mastertent Polska, we were able to get in touch with the Polish Red Cross, which was and still is active on the border with Ukraine to treat refugees. The company donated 'Rescue Kit' gazebos that shelter doctors and patients during rescue operations.

Zero poverty
Zero poverty

Main sponsor of the SSV Brixen women's football team

Since 2021 we have been the proud main sponsor of the SSV Brixen women's football team. We believe that sport is one of the best ways to develop a healthy, conscious and team-oriented society.

Competition at the right level helps to know how to fall, get back up and move forward without giving up, which is another reason why we want to support young athletes in their favourite sport. 

The choice of a women's team was a conscious decision; we want sportswomen and girls to have the same opportunities as their male colleagues. 

Gender Equality
Gender Equality

Children in Romania

Mastertent, together with other South Tyrolean companies, and the association 'Kinder in Not' financially supported the construction of a dental office in Palmira, one of the poorest cities in Romania.

Of the many countries, we chose Romania because that is where the roofs of our tents are printed and sewn and we want the communities in the countries hosting a Mastertent office to benefit from our presence.

Thanks to this project, about 1,000 orphans now have the opportunity to receive dental care for the first time.


Team Lebenshilfe

At Mastertent we believe that giving minorities the opportunity to develop their talents and remain active through sport is crucial for a healthy and harmonious society. We want to see happy and satisfied faces not only among employees but also outside the company. This is why we support the South Tyrolean Lebenshilfe running team, consisting of 30 athletes with various handicaps, who thus have the opportunity to compete in run races, including international ones!

On the 2016 Sports Day, the team came to visit us at the company to take part in a guided tour of our production departments.

To give these young athletes with disabilities an insight into the working world of Mastertent, we organised a guided tour through our company. CEO Georg Zingerle explained to the athletes as well as coaches how Mastertent is structured in terms of production and sales.

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