Canopy Tent Sizes – we've got you covered!

MASTERTENT canopy tents are available in 12 standard sizes, so we've got you covered for any type of event!

Our smallest 5×5 ft is great when space is limited, the classic 10×10 ft is so versatile, and the spacious 26×13 ft can hold a crowd.


Sizes at a glance

The perfect tent size for any purpose and occasion!



    Frame thickness = 43×49 mm

    • 10×10 ft
    • 15×10 ft
    • 20×10 ft
    • 26×13 ft
    • 20×13 ft
    • 17×17 ft
    • 13×13 ft
    • 13×6.5 ft
    • 10×6.5 ft
    • 6.5×6.5 ft
    • 10×5 ft
    • 5×5 ft

    Frame thickness = 43 mm

    • 10×10 ft
    • 15×10 ft
    • 20×10 ft

    Frame thickness = 30 mm

    • 10×10 ft
    • 15×10 ft
    • 20×10 ft

Canopy tents by style

MASTERTENT canopy tents, out of series MASTERTENT S1, are available in many variants…

Find your perfect fit!

  • Elegant.

    The star among the MASTERTENT range. Every moment is truly precious with these canopy tents.

    Elegant canopy tent with corner curtains.
  • With awnings.

    Canopy tents with self-opening awnings provide more covered space for the same size.

    Red canopy tent with awnings for wine.
  • Rescue.

    When every second counts… The canopy tent for emergencies: quick, safe and waterproof.

    Black "Rescue" canopy tent with special sidwalls and floor.
  • MASTERTENT canopy tents can be expanded to any configuration thanks to their modular design.
  • Connect & expand!

    MASTERTENT canopy tents can be expanded to any configuration thanks to their modular design.  With frame joining clamps and roof rain gutters you can connect multiple tents together and quickly increase your covered area.  The connections take seconds to apply and all our sidewalls and accessories are designed to work together.

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Other product highlights

The MASTERTENT canopy tent’s high-quality aluminum structure is stable, retains its shape, is rust-free and extremely durable.

  • Set-up in a flash
    MASTERTENT canopy tents were especially developed to be mobile.  They can be set-up quickly – in under 60 seconds with no tools required.  Unpack.  Unfold.  Enjoy!

  • Detailansicht der Aluminiumstruktur eines MASTERTENT Faltzeltes. Die detaillierte Ansicht ermöglicht einen Einblick der Konstruktionsdetails.

    High-quality structure
    Simple, yet extremely robust. Over 30 years of practical experience, comprehensive know-how and the spirit of innovation have went into making MASTERTENT canopy tents the best.

Blue canopy tent from MASTERTENT.
Smart, strong and unique like you!

MASTERTENT – simple setup, robust construction and custom options to make them as unique as you with 12 standard sizes, fabric and frame colors, custom printing and quality accessories – your desire, your tent.

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