Classic table and bench sets reinterpreted.

Space-saving, functional and practical - beer table sets are a well-tried component for events of all kind.

But how can these classics keep up with modern times, where everything is brightly colourful and as individual as possible? With your creativity and ideas, of course! Mastertent enables you to design your personalised table and bench set. Choose the colour and print for your bench and table set or request a customised set. 

Thanks to our 70 years of experience everything is possible and nothing impossible. Recognisable. Unique. Personalised. Be the star with YOUR Mastertent table and bench set!

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2023. Our tables and benches now under a new brand name.

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Impressive logo or eye-catching photo print - this way you will be remembered!

Yellow Ocher - The Colour of Beer.

Yellow ocher is the colour of a classical beer table set- obviously! But have you ever thought about the reason why? Mastertent did some research: Apparently the golden-yellow colour of the beer is enhanced by the ochre colour, which makes the beer appear more tasty.

Our beer table sets are available in the colours - brown, natural and ochre - and are oriented towards the traditional beer table set. All three colours bring out the natural beauty of the wood (and the beer).

UV Glaze
A question of taste.

The Base Frame Completes it.

Green, black or individualised? The decision is yours!

Made in South Tyrol - ready for any weather!
Made in Europe

...or entirely individual?

The Oktoberfest organisers are trendsetters. Especially personalised furniture has become very popular. Special moments in an unique atmosphere are guaranteed. Your ideas are welcome and a great challenge for our graphic team. Colour, length, width… whatever you prefer! With our know-how and experience, a professional implementation is guaranteed!