Table and Bench Sets

Convenient, durable, versatile and elegant.

When festivals last longer, the focus is on quality and stability. Our tables and benches have proven these capabilities more than just once. They do not only meet all the usual folding furniture requirements such as stability and functionality, but even fulfill them in (beer) king class. That's why the organisers of the Oktoberfest have trusted us for years.

Whether at Europe's largest folk festival, a club party, a beer garden or a private barbecue - our table and bench sets are always a hit!

Just as versatile as the application types are the models and colours of our beer table sets. Do you prefer elegant models? If so, then you'll surely find something suitable among our folding furnitures.

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Same company, new brand

RUKU1952® is the brand under which we will sell our tables and benches starting from 2023. The brand was created by combining our technical and practical know-how with the tradition of the historic German company named RUKUevent.

RUKUevent was founded in 1852 by Rudolf Kurz who named the company after his initials "RuKu". For about 100 years after its foundation, the company was producing various items made of wood and/or metal. In 1952, Rudolf Kurz' successor, who was attending a wine festival, came up with a brilliant idea, perhaps stimulated in his imagination by a few glasses of wine: tables and benches which can be folded - the first ones in history. This is how, in the charming German town of Illertissen, during the fibrillating years after the end of the World War, this idea started to become reality and how after several controversies this company became so successful. Today, we acquired the name of the company which we strive to carry on with diligence in our daily lives.

The focus now as then remains on the highest quality of products and respect for craftsmanship and tradition.

Although tables and benches are products that belong to Mastertent's historical roots, they have recently been overshadowed by the success of our canopy tents. It was our wish to restore value and prominence to the very authentic biergarten table and bench sets and thus RUKU1952® was born, focusing exclusively on them and giving them the importance and attention they deserve. This is why we have combined our know-how and profound experience in the industry with the craftsmanship and precision typical of the German tradition from which RUKU1952® was born.

We will continue to produce our tables and benches within the European Union, from wood obtained from forests in Transylvania and processed into boards by our colleagues in Romania. The metal components, their painting and assembly will continue to take place in Italy at our headquarters in South Tyrol, where quality control and packaging takes place as well and from where shipments to all over the world depart. 

Toghether with Mastertent®, RUKU1952® belongs to the Zingerle Group. Learn more about the history that has led the family business, founded by Franz Zingerle, to worldwide success.

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2023. Our tables and benches now under a new brand name


Unbeatable! Perfection down to the smallest detail and constant product improvement - for over 70 years already!

Patented Base Frame

C-profile & trapezoidal shape of the base frame ensure maximum stability.


Printed furniture set. Just for you.

The selection of our table and bench sets is endless. It is time to personalise the mass-produced article! 

Every year, more than 6 million visitors enjoy sitting on our beer table sets at the Munich Oktoberfest.


All the compounds of our table and bench sets are an in-house production. Thus, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions.

We are looking forward to your request and helping you to create special moments! 

Transport Boxes

Conveniently from A to B with our transport boxes

Safely stored and easy to transport! The transport container for 10, 15 or 20 sets provides an easy, gentle and space-saving transport. The transport boxes are designed to be moved by any conventional forklift. For optimum use of space the single boxes can be stacked.

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