Mastertent beer table sets on an outdoor dining patio near a mountain range.

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Tables & Benches

High-quality table and bench sets for wherever you gather. Now available through RUKU1952®.

Beer garden tables and benches built on over 70 years of tradition.

Our high-quality Euro-style tables and benches are the perfect companion for any brewery, beer garden, or gathering space. These iconic "biergarten" tables have a long history of popularity with the most famous breweries in the world. 

Carefully crafted premium dried spruce wood with a variety of stain treatments and UV-protection coatings, our innovative, highly durable tables and benches are simply put - made for gathering. Available in different sizes and colors, as well as customizations upon request. 

All beer garden table and bench sets are now available through our newest brand, RUKU1952®.

RUKU1952® Online Store

Same Tables, New Brand

RUKU1952® is our newest brand! Launched in 2023, this brand combines Mastertent's technical and practical product know-how with the longstanding - or in the case of our beer garden tables - long-sitting traditions of our sister company, RUKUevent. 

RUKUevent is a historic German company founded in 1852 by Rudolf Kurz, who named the company after his initials "RuKu." Over the next 100 years, "RuKu" specialized in production and fabrication using wood and metal. In 1952, Kurz's successor found inspiration for tables and benches that could be folded for easy use while attending a wine festival - the first of their kind.

Seventy years later, we're taking on the RUKU1952® name to continue to create traditional beer garden tables and benches of the highest quality. From the Munich, Germany Oktoberfest, a backyard patio in California, to our North American office in Charlotte, North Carolina, RUKU1952® folding tables are for wherever you gather.

Although tables and benches are products that belong to Mastertent's historical roots, they have recently been overshadowed by the success of our canopy tents. It was our wish to restore value and prominence to the very authentic biergarten table and bench sets and thus RUKU1952® was born, focusing exclusively on them and giving them the importance and attention they deserve. This is why we have combined our know-how and profound experience in the industry with the craftsmanship and precision typical of the German tradition from which RUKU1952® was born.

Yes! Mastertent and RUKU1952® are both ZINGERLE GROUP brands - the global infrastructure behind our high-quality, in-house manfacturing. As the manufacturers of our products, your previous Product Expert can help you with any mobile product need from the ZINGERLE GROUP brand lineup. 

Capturing 70+ Years of Traditional Craftsmanship


Simple, fast and convenient.

Our tables and benches are now available in the RUKU1952® online shop! All-time quality and products combined with German precision and tradition.

The same shop under a whole new look

Classic Beer Table Sets

Unbeatable! Perfection down to the smallest detail and constant product improvement - for over 70 years!

TÜV Certified
Patented Base Frame

The innovative C-profile & wide-leg base frame ensure maximum stability.

A Color for Any Palette

Building your Classic model beer table and bench set extends beyond the choice of model and size. Each table and bench set is available in a variety of wood and base color options. Select a rich, UV-protectant finish in one of three wood stain options - from a warm, nutty Brown and a vibrant golden Ochre to a light and airy Natural. Pair with a glossy Jet Black or signature Forest Green powder-coated base frame. 

For those looking for something more custom, personalization options are available including custom wood finishes and frame colors, screen, ink and digital printing for logos and full-surface designs, and more.

Take your pick!
Oktoberfest-Besucher feiern im Ochsenbraterei Festzelt auf dem Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest's Finest

Every year, our tables and benches take the Oktoberfest stage! Their easy-to-use design and ultimate functionality provide the perfect support for one of Europe's largest events.

Proudly seating 6,000,000 annual visitors!

Sondergarnituren im Hacker Pschorr Festzelt auf dem Oktoberfest. Die Tische haben alle blau-karierte Tischdecken.
Quality since
Bierzeltgarnituren aneinandergereiht in der Ochsenbraterei auf dem Oktoberfest in München.

Transport Boxes

Conveniently move from A to B with our transport boxes

Move your table and bench sets with ease with our transport boxes. Built to hold 10, 15 or 20 sets, these containers provide a gentle and space-saving transport. The transport boxes are designed to be moved by any conventional forklift and can be stacked for optimum use of space.

Easy to store.
Easy to transport.
Easy to set up.

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