Standing out and delivering a message may be as easy as the right canopy tent banner!

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Canopy Tent Banners and Flags 

At trade shows, sales markets, and even sporting events, the competition is intense as you battle for guest attention to deliver a message or make a sale. Canopy tent banners and flags, flying high above your canopy tent, pavilion or beside your inflatable creates ultimate visibility and may be the perfect compliment to help you capture the maximum attention for your brand.

With Mastertent printed canopy tent banners and flags in different sizes and styles, you can stand out and get noticed. The Series 1 canopy roof is peak flag capable, which means within our S1 tents you can add peak flags and banners to the highest roof top point - flags flying at nearly 20ft tall and banners reaching almost 13ft wide!

Made in Europe

The Peak Flag

Exclusively designed for our Series 1. Quick and easy attachment, maximum visibility!

With our specially developed flag holder that is built into the roof peak of the Series 1, you can easily mount canopy tent banners and flags on the top of your canopy tent. The roof peak cap serves a dual purpose, providing a secure connection between the roof peak and the frame mast which is extremely important to its performance and durability, plus an integrated flag pole holder to make smart use of this prime location so high over the crowd.

Mastertent flags and banners are high-quality like all of our products, heavy-duty aluminium flagpoles, stands and clamps to mount your personalised flags and banners, plus specialized nylon fabric for standard printing in sublimation printing process. or solid polyester fabric if double side printing is perferred. 

Peak Banners are available exclusively for canopy tents with two or three peaks, such as 15x10ft, 20x10ft, plus several other sizes. Ranging around 2-3ft tall and from 5-13ft wide, a personalised peak banner can make a big statement. Visit our size overview page to learn more

Quick Assembly

Flags & banners make a big statement.

The Corner Flag

Awning corner flags offer excellent advertising that's front and center when interacting with event guests. At trade shows and promotional events, attract big attention to make a big statement! Awning corner flags are available for the Series 1 canopy tents with automatic awnings.

Rotating Roof Peak

For maximum and unique visibility!

Quick & Easy

Ready in just 60 seconds.

100% waterproof! 


Tear-Drop Flags

Mastertent tear-drop flags are a freestanding flag option we have created to accompany all of our canopy tent Series and Mastertent mobile products. With our premium aluminum clamp mount, tear-drop flags can be securily connected to the tent frame, standing lower to the ground or raised up to the roof line.

Also, with our indoor cross-stand or outdoor base plate, the tear-drop flags can be spread out to draw in the crowd. The flag and holding frame are available in a large 8ft or extra-large 11ft option, both with specialized nylon fabric and printed in our sublimation printing process.