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Canopy Tent Transport Accessories

Transport Bags, Cases, and Wheels

We aim to package every Mastertent product and accessory for practical ease-of-use and transportation. From transport bags and wheels to smart carrying cases, Mastertent transport accessories are designed to keep your operations simple and organized.

Heavy-Duty Transport Bag

Included with Every Mastertent Purchase

Your Mastertent comes packaged in its own heavy-duty transport bag. The padded PVC bag provides waterproof protection to keep your tent out of the elements when not in use. Heavy-duty velcro and clips keep the tent secure while giving easy side access to slip the tent bag on or off.

Transport Bag Preview Window

Each Mastertent transport bag features a transparent PVC preview window allowing quick identification of tent color or design out of a larger tent fleet. 

The window plays an important role in your tent care and maintenance by allowing you to check that your tent is properly dried and ready for storage. Any remaining moisture will cause the window to fog up. To prevent any fabric damages or potential mold, remove the tent from the bag and slightly expand to allow the tent to fully dry.

Canopy Tent Wheels

Available in two sizes, Mastertent canopy tent wheels are designed to attach as-needed to the canopy tent frame. Each wheelset slides onto the tent frame's aluminum footplate before latching into place.

The clip-on design gives you the flexibility to deploy the wheels when in transport as well as to move the accessory from tent to tent.

The Small Wheel Set includes two independent 3" diameter wheel attachments. These smaller wheels are recommended for our smaller tents. While easily removed, these wheels can also stay attached to the tent frame while the tent is in use.

The Large Wheel Set includes one connected attachment with two 7" diameter wheels. The attached kit needs to be removed before setting up the canopy tent.

Climate Pledge

Sustainability first. As the manufacturer behind our products, we aim for all Mastertent packaging to be plastic-free by 2030.

Tent Transportation FAQs

1. Attach the Wheels to the Tent Frame

Our wheels are designed with a metal bracket meant to clip onto two of the footplates of the all-aluminum tent frame. Slightly lift your tent and slide the wheels into place. Small wheels have a securing bracket that needs to be pushed down to slide into or out of place.

2. Move the Canopy Tent

We recommend tilting the canopy tent at approximately a 45-degree angle when moving with the tent wheelset. This angle provides a good balance between control and leverage, making it easier to maneuver the tent without straining your back or risking the tent tipping over.

When pushing the tent, use one hand to hold the top of the tent and one to stabilize the side. You can pull the tent behind you using the transport bag handle.

3. Consider Ground Surfaces

Wheels naturally perform better on smooth ground surfaces like concrete or asphalt. On rough or uneven surfaces, you might need to adjust the angle slightly to maintain control. A slightly lower angle (closer to 30 degrees) can provide more stability on such surfaces.

4. Safety Precautions

Ensure the path you are moving the tent along is clear of obstacles to prevent tripping or tipping.

Yes — depending on the size of your tent. Most of our sizes can comfortably fit in the back of the average vehicle with moderate trunk space or with the seats down. The 10x10ft tent packs down to 17 x 17 x 63''.

Review our tent measurements in our sizing guides and data sheets to find the folding dimensions of your tent size.  

Have more questions? Talk to a Mastertent product expert about transportation details.  

Yes! We build our canopy tent roofs and frames to accommodate storing the tent and roof packed away assembled in the heavy-duty transport bag. The tent frame features protective rubber caps at each contact point. Likewise, the tent roof is lined with protective PVC panels at the corners and where the fabric attaches to the tent frame.