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Renovation team standing in front of heavy duty Mastertent brand work tent outside at a job site.

One Remodeler’s Must-Have Equipment Isn’t a Tool; It’s a Mastertent

DeBlois Renovate & Remodel talks worksite efficiency, taking pride in their work, and putting Mastertent to the test.

Blue printed canopy tents with Mastertent logos set up with mountains in the background.

How to Unlock Referral Rewards

Participate in the ZG Rewards Program by simply sharing your experiences with Mastertent Products!


Mastertent + Cycling: A Winning Combination


The New Mastertent AR Configurator

Mastertent has introduced a new canopy tent configurator to make it easier to customize your ideal canopy tent. This revolutionary tool allows you to ...


Aluminum vs. Steel Canopy Tents

Weight, stability, environmental influences and areas of use - we take a close look at all factors! 


Experiential Marketing Summit

The world of experiential marketing evolves all the time as trends and customer needs shift. Here are our EMS takeaways and the top trends and tips yo ...


Waterproof Canopy Tents

To avoid sitting in the rain sooner or later, you should definitely make sure that your folding gazebo is waterproof and weatherproof.

Black Mastertent 10x10ft canopy tents set up in a row with peak flags printed with Puma logos. Surrounded by crowd of people for a post-race event.

What to Look for in an Event Tent


How to Prepare Your Outdoor Business for Winter