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2021: A Year in Review
Let's take a look back to reflect and celebrate the lessons learned and accomplishments made throughout 2021.

Wind Tunnel Tested for Strength Up to 75mph!

Canopy tents from Mastertent have a particularly stable construction and have tested for material strength up to 75mph in a wind tunnel.


Waterproof folding gazebos

To avoid sitting in the rain sooner or later, you should definitely make sure that your folding gazebo is waterproof and weatherproof.


Aluminum vs. Steel Canopy Tents

Weight, stability, environmental influences and areas of use - we take a close look at all factors! 


Event Tent

No matter what the occasion, for outdoors or indoors: our event tents are guaranteed to provide protection from sun and rain.


Pagoda Tent

A pagoda tent of a different kind: easy transport, compact packing dimensions, quick assembly and no loose individual parts. 

Folding gazebo 3x3 for markets customised with sublimation printing for bakery. Gazebo with closed side walls, side wall with door and half-height side wall with sales counter. Gazebo with awning to protect from rain.

Market Tent 

Foldable market tents from Mastertent are the ideal market stands for continuous use at various markets and for itinerant traders.


Simple canopy tent setup - smooth operator

Mastertent canopy tents were specially designed to be mobile.  With no tools required and no loose parts, it’s easy to transport, set-up and focu ...


Garden Tent

Our garden tents are excellent for unexpected weather changes. They can be taken out of your garden house quickly and easily.

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