12 Tent Sizes, All Professional-Grade Quality

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Canopy Tent Sizes

Designed in 12 popular tent sizes, Mastertent makes finding your perfect canopy tent as easy as using one. Go compact with a small but mighty 5x5ft or 10x5ft. When classic solutions are needed, the 10x10ft and 20x10ft lead the way. In the event of bigger plans, the 17x17ft Pagoda and 26x13ft may be just right.

Across all sizes, every Mastertent is built with premium quality to be extremely durable, highly functional and totally customizable. Build your own custom tent size configuration with our multi-tent systems or contact our in-house production team to develop unique, custom-made tent solution to match your specific needs.

100% Waterproof
Tent Size FAQs

Mastertent canopy tents are readily available in 12 sizes:

For larger scale projects, our tents can easily be combined in multi-tent systems to accomodate any number of guests. Custom-sized tents can be produced on request. 

Ultimately, picking the right tent size is up to you, but here are some things to consider to help get you there.

How will be using your tent?
Do you have specific equipment, tables, or gear to fit underneath your canopy?
Does your event limit the size of your set-up area?
What car do you drive? How will you transport the tent?

Our Product Experts can help talk through sizing questions, specs, and more to help you make the right decision!

As the designers, engineers, and manufacturers behind our canopy tents, talk custom sizing with us! Our Product Experts and production teams can work to find the right solution for your space - while keeping stability and performance in mind. Contact Us!  

Pro-Tip: Get more coverage from the same tent size footprint with our automatically extending awnings. Each awning adds 26-32" of extra coverage beyond your standard tent roof. If you're looking to cover an area beyond our largest tent size, consider combining tents to get the job done! Our multi-tent systems are easy to set up with connected, modular designs.

Compact for Travel

Explore Mastertent Canopy Tent Sizes

Combine all sizes as desired, to create a particularly large canopy.

Multi-Tent Systems

Are your plans bigger than a single tent? Build a cohesive, custom tent configuration with our multi-tent systems and innovative canopy tent accessories. Frame connecting clamps and waterproof rain gutters quickly and easily connect multiple tents together for the perfect large-scale layout.