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Canopy Tents
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New Protective Solutions

We're commited to finding optimal prevention against COVID-19. 

Using our in-house production facilities, we're adapting our premium-quality canopy tents for medical and business applications for COVID-19 response. 

Buy One, Give One

Tents purchased help Mastertent give FREE tents to our medical professionals and small businesses combating COVID-19!

Mobile Partition Walls

Create sleek, functional protection to prepare your business to reopen!

COVID-19 Testing Tent

Smart solutions to maximize PPE resources! Masterent Protective Testing Booths allow for quick, efficient screening for:

  • Measuring temperatures for fever
  • Performing COVID-19 tests
  • Carrying out antibody checks

Equipped for both indoors and out! 

We are grateful ... 

... to you and to our communities for coming together during this time! We are working diligently to support COVID-19 relief efforts in any way we can.

Rescue Package - when every second counts!
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Our Rescue Package, specially developed for medical emergencies, enables front lines, first responders and civil services to quickly fight this battle with patient screening tents, and drive-thru testing solutions.

Lifetime Customer Care

The Mastertent Promise.

Fast delivery, long-term spare-part service, and exceptional support. We take pride in our products and care for our customers for life. 


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Get creative!

Build your own personal tent in minutes with all the custom options to take your mobile activities to the next level.

Three pieces of fabric folded over and stacked on a white surface. Printing on top and white underneath. Designs in red, green and blue from left to right with more blurred fabric in the background.

Fully customize your products, and bring your plans to reality in style. 

Wind-Tough Canopy Tents

Stable in winds up to 75 mph!


A family-run company building quality since 1948.

From a small workshop to an international manufacturer, we have over 70 years of expertise designing and building quality.

Our History and Values 

"The most exciting part of my job is meeting new partners".

Barbara Petrouschek has been part of the MASTERTENT team for eight years and is responsible for the personal contact with our partners.

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