The New Mastertent
AR Configurator

Build, design, and experience your future Mastertent in 3D augmented reality.

Mastertent has introduced a new canopy tent configurator to make it easier to customize your ideal canopy tent. This revolutionary tool allows you to build a 3D virtual preview of your canopy tent, giving a 360-degree, detailed view of your tent's appearance when fully set up. Bonus - the built-in augmented reality feature lets you test your tent set-up in your space and step inside your tent through the virtual perspective. 

Not only can you choose the color and size of the tent, but you can also add tent sidewalls and accessories such as tent stakes, flags, and lighting for added convenience and flair. With this new tool, customizing a canopy tent has never been easier!

100% Customization, 360° Visibility

Build Your 3D Canopy Tent


We've packed our new canopy tent configurator with detail to encompass the range of products and customization we offer. The real-time tent builder allows you to select every tent aspect: size and series, roof styles, sidewalls, colors, printing, and accessories. 

Alongside each selection, you'll find informative panels to read more about each tent's quality level, feature, material, and add-on. If you have additional questions, our team of Product Experts are always here to help. 

Lastly, once you've built your Mastertent, test your design in the configurator's augmented reality feature. By opening the configurator on any mobile device, tablet, or smartphone, you can generate a 3D image of your canopy tent in your own environment and capture images of the tent in your space.

What is augmented reality?
Augmented reality (AR) is an innovative technology that blends digital elements with the real-world environment to create immersive experiences. Built into our configurator, it provides a realistic, virtual display of your canopy tent integrated - at scale - into your space. The photorealistic presentation allows you to check every detail and angle of our canopy tent construction so you know exactly what you are getting before purchasing. 

Building Your Canopy Tent

  1. Select your desired canopy tent size and series. We offer different sizes between our two series - or quality levels.
  2. Show off your personality with our signature Series 1 roof styles: automatic awnings, the inverted Square flat roof design, the high-peak Pagoda, and more.
  3. Add a la carte sidewalls from a single back wall to a fully-wrapped tent with windows, doors, and counters.
  4. Get creative and customize your canopy tent! In this step, you can choose the tent's textiles, mix and match roof, frame and sidewall colors, and select printing options. 
In-House Design Assistance
Once you've built the structure of your tent and submitted your request, our design team will draft a new 3D model of your tent designed from ground to peak to your liking.

5. Complete your canopy tent with valuable accessories to not only make your tent extra eye-catching but also highly functional.

6. Finally, submit your configuration request! By completing the accompanying form, our Product Expert team will have all the information they need to send you a detailed follow-up or quote offering their recommendations, pricing, and direct-rep discounts. We can't wait to work with you!

Can I build a custom canopy tent?

100%! While our configurator showcases our standard designs and options, we offer customizations far beyond the many selections you see on the surface. From custom sizes, specially designed sidewalls, and more, let's talk! Add any special requests in the comments at the end of your configuration request, or talk directly to one of our experts.

Pro-Tips for Using the Mastertent Configurator

Using our new configurator is simple, fast, and intuitive, but here are some Pro-Tips to make the most of your experience:

  1. Save your design for later. Using the convenient 3-word reference code located at the bottom of your configuration. You can enter this code at a later date to pick up your tent design where you left off. 
  2. Build and request multiple tent options. Once you've hit "Request Configuration', you'll see the option 'Add Configuration' under your tent summary. Use this to explore multiple tent variations or request several tents.
  3. Don't be afraid to start over. Reset your canopy tent configuration for a fresh tent design with the Reset Button at the bottom of the configurator page.
  4. Leverage our inside sales team. While the configurator is an excellent tool to allow you to build your canopy tent alone, our Product Experts are ready to assist with any product questions, specifications, custom features, and more.
Author: Giada Ghizzo, Marketing
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