Medical Tents
for Critical Response

Built for emergencies, designed for people.

Mastertent Medical Tents package industry-leading, mobile solution technology in quick-deploy, tool-free designs - bringing portability, privacy and protection to critical relief and emergency situations.

Outside-the-Box Solutions for Combating COVID-19

From first-aid tents at events to in-the-field triage applications, our medical tents regularly assist our front line, first responders, and civil servants. Now, in the current global climate, hospitals and health organizations are turning to medical tents to alleviate the growing demands of the Coronavirus.

  • Drive-Thru Test Screening: In the continued effort to minimize the spread of the ongoing pandemic, many medical teams capatilize on the portability of hospital medical tents to provide alternative destinations for screening locations. These secondary locations move visitors seeking testing away from the hospitals to reduce crowding and protect  patients and personnel.
    Each Mastertent hospital tent has a standard clearance height of over 7 feet - the perfect height for vehicles to drive underneath - allowing concerned citizens to be screened without leaving their vehicle and keeping medical staff under cover and protected from the elements.
  • Extended, Secure Hospital Space: As hopsitals inevitably reach capacity, pop up hospital tents engage and repurpose previously unusable space for patient care. Our medical tents can be set up inside or outside to create additional, patient rooms with privacy sidewalls, anti-slip flooring, and smart accessories for stability against the elements such as securing weights, heaters, and lighting.

For more information on using Mastertent Medical Tents for crisis response, contact us. We're here to help! 

The Rescue Package
Find more product details and real-world applications for our Rescue and Medical Tents. See the Rescue Package
See the Rescue Package

How are Medical Tents Different From Standard Tents?

Our Rescue and Medical Tent Packages are specifically designed to assist all rescue workers and patients as effectively as possible. So what makes our medical tents "medical"?

  • Reinforced Smart Sidewall System: The lower third of the medical tent’s sidewalls are reinforced with PVC. This allows the medical tents to be stabilised with sand bags – an indispensable feature in extreme situations! Moreover, the sidewalls of the medical tent can be connected with the tent floor to provide all-round protection for staff and patients. 
  • 3-Mode Window Privacy Options: Providing privacy and protecting patients against prying eyes is a special concern of Mastertent. Therefore, the medical tent’s windows are equipped with an opaque cover.  They also have a fly net and can be closed easily by means of a zip fastener
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  • Anti-Slip Floor Design: The floor of the medical tent is made of Comshade fabric. It is not only slip-proof but also absorbs liquids such as blood. 
  • Thermo-Vent Tent Interior: With overcrowding forcing more and more hospital operations outside, temperature control becomes an issue. Upon request, Mastertent medical tents can be equipped with a secondary, interior tent- creating an air chamber between the outside and the tent interior and drastically cooling the interior temperature.
  • Decontamination Cabins: Built from easy-care, non-absorbent PVC and paired with an anti-slip floor, these internal cabins create a secure interior unit within your tent for hazardous handling. Made upon request. 

The Value of Versatility: Tent Construction and Sizes

A quick and easy set-up is particularly crucial during emergency operations. Our complete pop-up medical tent system including floor and fully-enclosed sidewalls can be assembled, without tools or electricity, in 5 minutes. Crafted from highest-quality materials to be waterproof and fire-retardant and wind tough, our tents stand up to the elements of any emergency situation from serving as shelter when rescuing injured persons during accidents, triage during natural catastrophes, firefighting missions, police operations, medical patient applications, military deployments, or water and mountain rescue services. 

Medical and Rescue Tents come in our 12 standard sizes with the larger 26x13 ft and 20x13 ft being the most popular for hospitals and clinics - creating space for multiple patients in one structure while the smallest 5x5ft tent creates a perfect individual examation, decontamination or changing room. For larger-scale operations, our tents can be combined in a multi-tent system to create a structure of any size to serve hundreds to thousands of people. 

Speed and excellent functionality, that’s what counts when it comes to the containment of Corona and that’s why we guarantee not only perfectly working medical tents and triage tents but also enable delivery in the shortest period of time! Why can we guarantee this in times of uncertainty? We are a European tent manufacturer and therefore not dependent on third parties. 

Contact us directly to order or to receive expert information about the Mastertent medical tents directly from the manufacturer. 

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