Canopy Tents vs Canopy Tents with Awnings

Let's have a closer look at both gazebos...

At first glance the only difference between the classical folding tent and the folding tent with awning is just the awning. 

But on a second glance you notice that the latter has a lot more advantages. We will make the comparison for you and then you can decide for yourself which kind of tent is most suitable for your needs...

When buying a tent, for many people the question is not just which size the tent should be, but also whether it should have an awning attached or not. To help you make the decision, we have drawn up a comparison...

The advantages of a folding tent with awning

1. More covered area for the same size

Folding tents with attached awnings offer more covered area for the same size. In practical terms, that means that with a 10x10 ft gazebo, the canopy provides an extra covered area of 9.5m². And, for you that means that they give you a total covered area of more than 18m².

2. Neither customers nor products are exposed to weather conditions

The canopy creates additional protection from sun and rain around your tent. That means your products can be on-site all the time and don’t need to be moved again and again when it rains or the sun’s too strong. Your customers will also appreciate the comfort of the additional covering so that you can enjoy a pleasant chat with them at any time.

3. Striking appearance with more room for your advertising

With a folding tent with awning, you have killed two birds with one stone. On the one hand you attract attention with the unusual roof shape and on the other hand you can take advantage of the extra space for your advertising posters. So you’re sure to be noticed.

The possible applications

In principle, you can use both gazebos for any occasion but we particularly recommend the use of folding tent with canopy for frequent appearances at markets, trade fairs, shows and similar events.

Gazebo with awning
You want to protect your products from heat and bad weather, but also offer your customers protection from rain or strong sunlight?  
Then our gazebo with automatic awnings is your ideal solution!
View gazebo with awning

The awning makes all the difference

At Mastertent, all the folding tents are made from the same materials so that there is no difference in quality and functionality with both models. The colour range of the structures and the fabric colours and the sizes available are all the same. That means that every folding tent is available in every colour and size with and without canopy. The only difference between the classical folding tent and the folding tent with awning  is the automatically opening awning – that’s only available at Mastertent!

  • Only at Mastertent does the awning open automatically
    In contrast to the competition, at Mastertent the awning is integrated into the roof, so there’s no unwieldy attachment set-up or loose parts. So, both the classical gazebo and the gazebo with awning can be set up in just 1 minute without any tools. The awning simply opens up along with the rest so there’s no additional effort for you. And this also saves valuable time.  
  • Roof projection from 65cm to 80cm
    The awning can be selected just on one side or on up to 4 sides, as required. Depending on how many awnings you select, the roof projection varies from 65 cm to 80 cm per awning.

Here you can find both models in detail: 

Technischer Leiter Georg Silgoner
Author: Georg Silgoner, Production
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