Functional. Stylish. Branded. Your canopy tent sides can be all those and more!

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Canopy Tent Sides

Canopy tent sidewalls offer a ton of function and style! Mastertent designs 7 standard sides styles and virtually endless customizing. Designed in 3 Series levels: our top levels, Series 1 and 2, offer premium Oxford polyester for the ultimate performance - waterproof, fire-retardant, UV-protected and wind-resistant, while our Series 3, entry-level to professional canopy tents, utilizes a commercial-grade 300D polyester. 

Canopy tent sides printing options at the next level: applying logos and lettering in dura-color Thermal, printing photos and custom graphics in full-image Dye-Sublimation, and even creating custom features and designs if needed. Need a special serving window or netting? No problem! Want all the graphics to be continuous around your tent? You got it!

100% Waterproof

Series 1 Sides

Mastertent canopy tent sides are designed with a continuous, full-enclosure connection, where the tent legs are completely wrapped. The full-enclosure design is extremely versatile and provide the best weather performance and graphics look possible in canopy tent. 

We offer our sides in 6 standard styles or custom design if needed, 12 standard colors and 3 printing options.

Mastertent fabric construction: Waterproof, Fire-Retardant, UV-Protected and Wind-Resistant.

Canopy Tent Counters

Sell. Serve. Present. Canopy tent counters are an excellent solution!

To sell refreshments, to serve guests or even to display brochures, the Mastertent counters for our canopy tents are the perfect complement for sporting events, catering receptions or trade fairs.

Our easy to set-up counters are as high-quality as they are functional - the solid spruce wood top and sturdy aluminum folding legs conveniently pack into a PVC transport bag, the surface is finished with a durable natural varnish that is food-safe, fire-retardant and UV-protected, and the front rail can hold a lower half-height sidewall to complete the look in a solid color or printed graphics.

Standard counter depth is 12 in. (30cm) and can be extended in increments of 6 in. up to 32 in. (80cm), so if 24 in. deep would fit your need best, we can help! Also, if you've got your sights set on a special design, talk to us about our surface printing options that we've developed from our Table and Bench sets.

Multi-Tent Rain Gutters

With multiple tents rain gutters are a must for potential bad weather.

Your event is going well and a sudden rain storm rolls in... no need to panic. The Mastertent Multi-Tent Rain Gutter is designed to quickly attach between two canopy tents, divert the rain water to the edges, and keep you and your tent's interior dry.

Our rain gutters are made of heavy-duty PVC, offer complete waterproof performance, and go into please easily with fastening along the canopy roof valance. Designed so that even during the heaviest rains, your gutters can perform their best! 

When you've got any question on weather at events, the rain gutters are a must-have with your Mastertent Multi-Tent System. And when they're available in all 12 standard colors, they can be matched to blind in and look great!

100% Waterproof