The weights are mounted on the gazebo.
Assembly of concrete weight set with iron base
Fixing gazebo to the lawn with peg and hammer

Choose the right gazebo anchorage according to the type of ground.

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Gazebo Weights and Fixing

Safety first with: gazebo weights, reinforcement straps and concrete weights.

We have tested it in the wind tunnel. Our folding gazebos are able to withstand strong winds. Stability, however, can only be guaranteed if the ground anchoring is adequate. In order to ensure effective storm resistance, we have designed the ideal fastening system for every terrain. All Mastertent gazebo fixings have the advantage that they allow the gazebo to be anchored without having to drill holes in the ground.

You can choose between:


As an innovative company we hold numerous patents on our products. 

Customer's words

Martin Groschner from Austria wrote us: 

"I just wanted to tell you that the gazebo coped very well with yesterday's storm (we had gusts of over 100 km/h). This test was not intentional, the storm came suddenly and we had no chance to dismantle the gazebo. Now we are even more certain that we have purchased a very, very good product!"

Gazebo Weights

Ballasting the gazebo with cast iron weights: The solution for hard surfaces.

Do you want to anchor your gazebo on the terrace, balcony, on concrete or asphalt? Increase the stability of your folding gazebo with the help of our Mastertent weights. Thanks to their flat shape and carrying handles, they are very handy and can be easily stacked. Adjusting the load according to the weather conditions is therefore extremely simple. Of course, the weights for our folding gazebos are galvanised to ensure a long service life and to prevent rust. They are available in two weight variants:

For maximum stability, we recommend placing the 28 kg weights on all 4 feet of the gazebo. Thanks to their size (40x40 cm), they not only increase the weight, but also enlarge the supporting surface area and guarantee even greater stability.

We recommend using the 15 kg weights as additional fixings. They measure 35x35 cm and can be stacked directly onto the 28 kg gazebo weights. This combination gives the folding gazebo greater stability.

The weights, consisting of two parts are attached to the tent legs of the gazebo.

Trust is good, but anchoring is better

The gazebo in the wind tunnel. The wind is marked with white lines.
Fixing gazebo to a lawn with pegs and tension straps

Gazebo Ground Anchoring for Stormy Weather

Straps and pegs: the fastening set for soft ground.

Would you like to anchor your folding gazebo on a lawn? In this case we recommend our weatherproof anchoring set (4 or 6 pieces) consisting of tensioning straps, pegs and a hammer. How to fix the gazebo to the ground easily?

  1. Anchor the sturdy pegs (30x10 mm thick flat iron spiral, length: 45.5 cm) into the ground with the hammer.
  2. Attach the tension straps (each 3.17 m long) to the eyelets on the roof of the folding tents and then to the pegs using the carabiner.
  3. Tension the tensioning straps with the integrated ratchet tensioner.

For an optimal hold, the tension straps must form an angle of approx. 45° to the ground. Use the tension straps and pegs together with gazebo weights for even greater stability!

NEW: "Strong" Fastening Set

Even stronger: You use your folding gazebo on a regular basis and weather conditions are making life difficult sometimes? Our new fastening set offers you absolutely reliable anchoring on soft ground thanks to the even wider and therefore more robust tensioning straps. In addition, the tensioning straps are not attached to the roof of the folding gazebo as usual, but to its aluminium structure. You already guessed it: this fastening method provides even more stability.

Concrete Weights for Folding Gazebos

The Mastertent gazebo weights, which are suitable for any surface.

Do you need to leave your folding gazebo set up outside for long periods and demand absolute stability? In this case we recommend using our concrete weight sets in combination with tension straps. Thanks to this combination, it is guaranteed that your gazebo will not displace, regardless of terrain and weather conditions. 

Technical features at a glance:

  • An iron weight holder and 4 concrete weights of 25 kg each are stacked on each leg of the gazebo.
  • The weight holder has a rubber grommet on the underside, which prevents it from slipping.
  • Thanks to the milled sides, the weights are particularly easy to handle.
  • Not to neglect aesthetics, the concrete weights can be covered with a polyester cover that can be customised in colour and print. 
Rescue kit with concrete weights

Fixing the Gazebo to the Ground With Screws

Fixing the folding gazebo with screws is the most suitable solution if you plan to leave the gazebo permanently on the same place. This fixing method is suitable for both hard and soft ground, as long as it is possible to drill holes into the ground. Please note the following:

  • If the gazebo is fixed on soft ground, e.g. on a lawn, the screws should be at least 40 cm long.
  • For hard ground, such as asphalt or pavement, holes at least 10 cm deep must be drilled into the ground.

Combined Gazebo Fastening

Two anchors to the ground are better than one

The most effective gazebo anchoring system is to combine weights with tension straps. These provide additional tension from the roof to the ground, which significantly increases the stability of the structure. This ensures maximum safety for you and your folding gazebo.
However, we cannot overcome physics! Although it is possible to secure a folding gazebo very well and make it storm-proof, it must be dismantled in the event of very strong winds and storms. Although it is an efficient mobile shelter from sun, rain and wind, it cannot withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

Pink folding gazebo 3x3 m customised with print and with awning suitable for sun and rain

The answer is definitely YES, because you never know when and how much the weather will change and only the correct fixing of the gazebo can guarantee its stability.

Folding tents can be fixed in different ways, depending on the surface they are standing on.
Mastertent cast iron weights, for example, are suitable for hard ground and can easily be placed on the legs of folding tents by hooking the two halves over the feet.
The concrete weights are also suitable for hard ground and, together with the tensioning straps, guarantee particularly high stability.
If you want to secure your folding gazebo on soft ground, we recommend our strap and peg kit.

The stability of a folding gazebo in windy conditions depends on several factors. The main parameters to take into account are the folding gazebo's size, the strength and direction of the wind and whether or not the gazebo has sidewalls. We continuously put our folding tents to the test in a wind tunnel; to learn more, watch the video. Please remember, however, that wind tunnel conditions do not correspond to natural conditions and that this test is only designed to check the durability of our products.

White folding gazebo 6x4 m for seaside terrace

Our 28 kg and 15 kg cast iron gazebo weights are the most suitable and least intrusive system for fixing the gazebo to a terrace. This fixing method requires no drilling of the ground and the folding gazebo can be dismantled and stored quickly and easily after use, together with the weights.

The sidewalls provide an additional frictional surface for the wind, which could lead to the sidewalls being pushed inwards in very strong winds. This in turn causes the legs to be pulled towards each other, and this might bend them. But how can this be avoided? You can:

  • weigh the gazebo down with gazebo weights, or
  • secure the folding gazebo with tension straps and pegs.

In addition to fastening the gazebo with weights, we recommend fastening it with ropes and pegs. This increases stability and enables the folding gazebo to withstand very strong winds. In order to best absorb the force acting on the gazebo, the tension straps should be fixed at an angle of 45 degrees from the ground.

Yes, for extra safety, all our weights can be purchased in multiple sets. Thanks to their flat shape and carrying handles, Mastertent weights are practical, convenient and easy to stack.

Smooth surfaces such as concrete, stone or tiles present an additional challenge when fixing the gazebo, because even if the folding gazebo is stabilised with weights, it can still slip due to strong winds. This can be remedied by using our concrete weights with the iron weight holder which is placed underneath the weights and which has a rubber layer on the underside. This considerably reduces the risk of slipping. Alternatively, a rubber mat or similar (e.g. honeycomb mat or waffle cloth) can be placed under the weights.

The quality of our materials and production processes are the main factors responsible:

  • For the roofs and sidewalls, we use high-quality polyester fabrics with a thickness of 500D and 600D, and the resulting tests and certificates ensure that they are waterproof, windproof and fire-retardant according to EN 13501-1.
  • As far as aluminium structures are concerned, the greater the number of profile sides, the greater the stability. Mastertent stands out from most of the competition due to its 8 sides, twice as many as cheaper tents! In addition, aluminium is a corrosion-resistant material and does not rust.

Of course, gazebo weights not only increase the gazebo's weight, they also increase the support surface of the legs, thus making the structure more stable. If you use the 100 kg per leg concrete sets you are on the safe side, if you use the 28 kg sets you should also use a set of pegs and safety straps if the weather is bad.

To fix a gazebo correctly on concrete, different methods can be chosen depending on how long you want to leave the gazebo outside. If the gazebo is to be erected and dismantled on the same day, we recommend using classic 28 kg cast iron weights, at least one for each leg of the gazebo. If, on the other hand, the gazebo is to be held firmly in place, it can be screwed to the ground with screws of at least 10 cm through the holes provided in the gazebo legs. Alternatively, concrete weight sets can be used, which, although they require a little more space, ensure a sturdy hold.

This obviously depends on the size of the gazebo, whether it has sidewalls and on the weather conditions. For a classic 3x3 m gazebo without sidewalls in average weather conditions we recommend at least 28 kg per leg. For an 8x4 m gazebo with sidewalls that is to be left outdoors for a long time, we recommend the concrete weight sets of 100 kg per leg for a total of 600 kg.

In order to anchor gazebos without drilling into concrete, the best solution ist to use 28 kg tents weights or the concrete weight sets, depending on the space available and the use of the gazebo. If the surface on which you are placing the gazebo is particularly delicate (wood or parquet), we always suggest placing Velcro under the gazebo feet and under the cast iron weights to avoid scratching it, in this case concrete weights are not recommended due to their heavy weight.

The employee is sitting with her head set in front of the computer while speaking to a client at the phone.

If you still have doubts about the fixing system that best suits your needs, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide further information or suggestions.

Don't take any risks: secure your folding gazebo even when the wind is not blowing.