As unique as you and your events are! Gazebo accessories for a complete solution.

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Gazebo Accessories

Have you already seen the gazebo accessories that make your gazebo even more versatile? We will show you how Mastertent gazebos can become real all-rounders for your personal use. From additional gazebo weights and lighting system to gazebo sidewalls, you certainly find the right augmentation in our range of smart gazebo accessories. 

Of course, the high Mastertent quality standards are also valid for gazebo accessories. The colourful flags, which can be attached to the roof or individual sidewalls, put your advertising tent in the spotlight. We have the perfect gazebo accessories for every situation to ensure you never get in a bad mood due to cold or darkness.

It's time to upgrade your equipment or complete it with the Mastertent gazebo accessories!

Made in Europe


Safety is a top priority for Mastertent, which is why we use galvanised cast iron base plates, concrete weights or tear-proof tensioning straps to fasten our gazebos.

Gazebo Sidewalls

Closed or with windows? With our gazebo sidewalls you can quickly adjust your gazebo according to your needs or the changing weather conditions.

Banners and flags

Are you wondering how you can attract visitors at trade shows, markets and information events? Obviously, with accessories that make your gazebo even more visible. Our roof flag or banner or our rotating advertising medium make it possible.

The LED gazebo lighting is fixed at the gazebo structure.

Gazebo Lighting System

...that you and your guests can keep on celebrating, even in the dark. What is the best type of lighting for your gazebo and your needs? Learn more about the differences between our adjustable LED gazebo lighting and the traditional LED spotlights. 

Gazebo Heater

...that you don't have to freeze in winter. Temperatures are dropping? There is still no reason for you to move your event inside or even miss a promotional tour or market day. With our electric heater, your gazebo will stay pleasantly warm and cosy even on cooler days. The gazebo heater (1500 Watt, 250 V, 50 Hz) can be mounted on the central or corner post.

Made in Europe
TÜV Certified
Roof with air openings.

Smoker’s Roof

To prevent your smoking guests from standing in the rain, we have created a special roof with ventilation system. Upon request, it is available in all sizes of our two quality series S1 and S2. The ventilation system consists of several dormers and openings to allow air to circulate. In this way, snow and rain will no longer be a problem and the smoke will be able to get out. Find out more about the advantages of our smoking tent in our blog.

Transport Wheels L

These big wheels consist of a single block onto which two tent feet are mounted quickly and easily. The perfect solution for big gazebos!

Sidewalls Bag

Transport made easy

Have you decided to equip your gazebo with sidewalls, but are afraid that they will be too bulky to transport? Dont't worry, we've got the solution! With our handy sidewall bag you can keep your sidewalls organised and transport them with extreme ease and minimum space requirements.

Gazebo Bag

This accessory comes with every gazebo. However, if you would like to have a new one, you can acquire one individually for any tent size!
Tip: Make sure your folding gazebo is dry thanks to the transparent PVC window to avoid damp and mould.

Easy Set-Up Gazebo Counter

For displaying flyers and brochures, introducing products or as a pleasant conversation area, the Mastertent counter is the ideal partner for your exhibition at trade shows or the market. Click here for more details on the counter.

Transport Wheels S

Dragging is the past. You can easily attach two transportation wheels to the footplates of your gazebo without any tools. Just tilt it and roll it away. The wheels can remain attached to the tent even after the set-up.

Gazebo rain gutter

Rain Gutter

...that your event won't be ruined by rain.

Our PVC gazebo rain gutter can be easily positioned between two or more gazebos to prevent rain from entering, when set up next to each other. 

Gazebo Connecting Clamps

With the Mastertent connection elements, it is possible to create a stable connection between two or more gazebos in the blink of an eye. The clamps can be easily attached to the gazebo legs and adjusted. This guarantees that no gazebo will slip away anymore! Thanks to the connection between the gazebos, you can create a larger covered area.


The perfect accessory for every moment. To ensure a good mood when celebrating. 

Woman is attaching an exchangeable valance to the panel of the gazebo. It is attached by velcro strips.

Removable Valance

Flexible advertising. The removable printed valance allows you to give your gazebo different designs. Easy to attach with Velcro fastener.

Gazebo ecru with heaven, a ceiling attached under the roof - Kit Royal.

Gazebo Ceiling

Elegant and festive, the ceiling creates an enjoyable dreamlike atmosphere and, at the same time, it cleverly hides the hinged poles of the aluminium roof structure. The gazebo ceiling is available in ecru and white. Upon request, it can also be printed in different colours thanks to our internal sublimation printing process.

The gazebo ceiling is available in all sizes and models and is already part of the Royal and Loden Kits. It is fixed to the scissor-shaped elements with snap fasteners and must be removed before dismantling the gazebo.