The vintner is conducting a wine tasting under a gazebo by MASTERTENT. Guests are tasting wine and cheese in front of the gazebo.

Unique shape for extraordinary advertising. 

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Flat Roof Gazebo The Square

The gazebo model Square 3x3m immediately attracts attention with its eye-catching shape and stands out from classic gazebos. It is not only square, but has also a flat roof and extra high valances. Thanks to its unique shape, the Square gazebo is particularly suitable as a market tent, a trade show tent or an event tent.

Like all Mastertent gazebos, the flat roof gazebo is also 100% waterproof. Needless to say that the Square 3x3 m is set up within 60 seconds without any additional tools. It offers 9 m² of covered space and can accommodate up to 18 people standing or 16 people seated.

Don’t hesitate and pick our square gazebo, where design meets functionality. The patented Mastertent Square ist the perfect solution for those who want maximum advertising space.


Flat roof with central water drain pipe.


Set Up in No Time

Mobile and flexible. This is how quick the "Square" gazebo with awning can be set up.
Convince yourself!

Benefits of a Flat Roof Gazebo

Why would you need our flat roof gazebo Square? We have the answer!

Thanks to its rectangular shape and flat roof, the Square gazebo automatically creates a larger advertising space. With an overall valance height of 72 cm you get up to 2,16 m² advertising space per valance, whilst a classic gazebo 3x3 m offers only 0,8 m². Our in-house graphic and printing department are happy to help you design your pesonalised gazebo with your individual advertising message on the roof of your Square gazebo.

When designing the model, it was particularly important for us to maintain all the advantages of our standard gazebos. Despite the unusual shape, the packing size and passage height of the Square gazebo are the same as for a standard gazebo.

The blue gazebo with flat roof has four blue side walls. A woman is standing under the gazebo.

Add colour to the space that surrounds you!

Start with the colour and design the folding gazebo that suits your needs. Your folding gazebo - your style!

Add colour to the space that surrounds you!

Start with the colour and design the folding gazebo that suits your needs. Your folding gazebo - your style!

The gazebo with flat roof has a canopy. The counter is used for selling cheese. The entire gazebo is printed.

Square with Awning

You love the big advertising surface of the Square gazebo, but you would like to 
offer greater shelter from sun and rain to your customers and products?

Then have a look at our brand-new and innovative Square gazebo with awning. It unites the advantages of the classical Square gazebo with the ones of the folding gazebo with awning. Benefit from maximum visibility and a larger covered space.

Like all awnings of our folding gazebos, also this awning of 100 cm opens automatically. 

Focus on your business, we take care of the rest. 

"This folding gazebo
is a real revolution."

Georg Silgoner, Innovation & Development

Don’t Be Afraid of the Rain!

With Mastertent you never have to worry about water sacks or water remaining on the flat roof again.

Our competent research team has worked intensively to develop a 100% waterproof and stable gazebo that meets our customer’s requirements. The Square has a smart drain system to ensure that rainwater does not remain on the flat roof and water sacks are prevented. The inward curved roof collects all the water in the middle of the roof - a water drain pipe leads it from the middle of the roof outwards. To prevent the pipe from clogging, it comes with a filter that collects and retains coarse dirt (such as leaves).

The water drain pipe is leading the water from the middle of the roof of the gazebo outwards.
The blue flat roof has a filter in the middle of the roof.

Designed by Mastertent, individualised for our customers.