Gazebo with lighting from Mastertent at a footbridge by night

The perfect light for every use. You and your guests never have to sit in the dark again.

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Gazebo Lighting 

Let there be light in your gazebo! People often underestimate the choice of the right gazebo lighting, but it can significantly contribute to your success! 

When it gets dark in the evening, the gazebo lighting is the best solution to keep your event going and to ensure your guests keep on partying. The same also applies to market tents, promotional tents or sales stands. Thanks to sufficient gazebo lighting, you can continue to present your products to the customer without any problems.

 Mastertent offers two alternatives: 

  • The classic gazebo lighting system consisting of 3 LED spotlights. 
  • The gazebo lighting consisting of 4 adjustable LED strips.

LED Strips for Gazebos

Dimmable and modern. The gazebo LED lighting allows you to individually regulate the light in your gazebo.

With a practical switch, the brightness of the light can be adjusted, depending on the needs and occasion. A product presentation can be held in bright lighting conditions, while diffuse light is more suitable for a romantic dinner.

The dimmable LED gazebo lighting is composed of 4 strips with 15 watts each, thus ensuring the perfect atmosphere and, above all, the optimal brightness under your gazebo.

Use the LED strips with a power socket or go for the mobile use: our rechargeable battery!

Rechargeable battery for LED strips

Are you constantly moving  and don't always have a power socket available? Then we have a practical and mobile solution for you: the rechargeable battery for our dimmable LED strips. It has a long battery life and is protected against foreign objects and water splashes.

3 LED Spotlights 

Our classic gazebo lighting creates direct, non-adjustable light. The gazebo lighting system consists of 3 LED spotlights with 20 watt each.

This type of gazebo lighting can be quickly and easily attached to the central or the corner post and must be removed every time before dismantling the gazebo. The 3 lights can be individually adjusted to illuminate the different corners of your gazebo.

2 children with balloons are passing by the illuminated gazebo.

Saving Power is Easy 

Unlike conventional gazebo lighting systems, our dimmable LED gazebo  lighting can save electricity by maintaining the same light intensity over time. Compared to the classic gazebo lighting system, it consumes only 20% of the energy. Choose our LED lighting - for the sake of the environment.