Inflatable advertising media

Inflatable gazebos and figures for maximum visibility...

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Inflatable Advertising Media

The Mastertent inflatables are big, colourful and individual. Boost your advertising effectiveness with the patented and individual inflatable advertising media and be the eye-catcher at every event!

Simple and efficient. Inflatable advertising media are an essential marketing tool to stand out from the competition.

Individual and efficient! Our exclusive shapes guarantee simple handling and quick implementation. Thanks to the customised printing you'll benefit from the tremendous advertising impact of inflatable advertising media.

Made in Europe
Two inflatable advertising media are located side by side on a meadow: model Kokon and model Bottle. Both in the CI colours of MASTERTENT and with a logo print.

Inflatables tents & figures

We offer four exclusive registered models as well as the standard model “Bottle”, which can all be implemented in a quick, safe and flexible manner. Apart from that, we produce almost every special shape for our customers.

The inflatable advertising media Kokon in the CI colours of MASTERTENT with a logo print on the meadow. In the background of the arch-shaped advertising tent there is a mountain landscape.

Model: Kokon

The slightly different archway.

Our patented, eye-catching, round-arch inflatable provides a larger presence to your event and an expansive covered area for your guests.  The cohesive design inflates quickly and can be custom printed with any design.

  • Size: 6.1 × 5.3 m
  • Height: 4 m
  • individually printable
An inflatable advertising tent in blue and white with logo print "WORLD TRIATHLON" on a meadow in front of a mountain landscape.

Model: Tripod

Looking for a unique Inflatable to be extraordinary? 

A classic inflatable gazebo is too conventional? How about an alternative? The peculiar and patented shape, as well as the versatile personalisation options, make the Tripod truly one of a kind. Convey your message with a strong effect.

  • Size: 8.4 × 7.8 m
  • Height: 4.75 m
  • individually printable
100 % Waterproof

With us you won't stand in the rain!

An inflatable advertising media in black with full-surface printing (motif: brewery) on a white background. For size comparison, the outline of a person was inserted next to the inflatable advertising media.

Model: Tequila

Big, bigger, Tequila...

The oversize advertising medium with a height of 8m. The inflatable figure “Tequila” impresses with its unique shape and size. Therefore, the patented inflatable advertising medium attracts attention in crowded places and leaves a memorable impression.

  • Size: Ø = 8.8 m
  • Height: 8 m
  • individually printable
Fast delivery
Made in Europe
Quality since

The simple handling, the easy set up and the endless personalisation possibilities make them unique

An inflatable event tent in red with logo print "CAR RACING" on white background. For size comparison, the outline of a person was inserted under the inflatable advertising media.

Model: MS5

The eye-catching and inflatable event tent. 

Perfect for unique events. The patented shape of the MS5 is compelling and attracts attention. This particular inflatable is an ideal meeting point for your customers. The possibility of full personalisation greatly increases your visibility.

  • Size: 5 × 5 m
  • Height: 3.5 m
  • individually printable

Model: Bottle

The classic amongst the Inflatables.

Like the classic column, the inflatable bottle is a commonly used model, which is also part of the Mastertent assortment. Your personal printing turns the inflatable bottle into an extraordinary and eye-catching advertising medium. 

  • Size: Ø = 1.5 m
  • Height: 6 m
  • individually printable

Custom-Made Inflatables

Are you looking for a special shape or your individual, custom-made inflatable? No problem! Whether you prefer your inflatable company logo, your mascot, an inflatable figure or any other shape – Mastertent makes it possible! Contact us and design an inflatable according to your ideas!

Inflatables Directly From the Manufacturer

Inflatable advertising media are becoming more and more popular due to their obvious size. That’s why nowadays, they are an essential and regular feature at events, trade fairs, on ski slopes and at all other promotion occasions.

Thanks to our different design and printing possibilities as well as high-quality materials, even complex shapes can be implemented simply and quickly.

Our inflatable advertising media are simply individual and highly visible thanks to the size, colours, printing, and flexibility. The countless possibilities concerning shape, colour, and printing make each of them unique.

On the safe side

Thanks to our permanent electric blower, small holes can be bridged without anyone noticing.

  • 220 V permanent electric blower
  • conventional power socket is sufficient

Limitless fantasy

Thanks to our modern 3D-technology, we are able to realize almost every customer wish – in all shapes and sizes.

  • own graphics studio
  • own printing facility

Quality by know-how

Due to many years of experience when it comes to producing canopy tents, Mastertent implements all advertising media with the qualitative materials of a market leader.

  • own sewing facility
  • own 3D modelling

Unpack, Plug in and Ready to Go!

All our inflatables have a 220V permanent fan. Depending on model and usage, you can equip your inflatable with an internal or external fan. Thanks to the 220V fan you just need a conventional plug socket to inflate it.

Features of All Our Inflatables

The low weight and handy packaging guarantee easy transport from one place to another.

Further common features of our inflatable gazebos and figures:

✔ high-quality materials 

✔ 100% waterproof & fire retardant

✔ in-house graphic and printing department 

✔ in-house sewing

✔ 220V permanent fan - a conventional plug socket is sufficient

100 % Waterproof

With us you won't stand in the rain!

Fire Retardant
Fire Retardant

Our Inflatables can withstand a lot!

Printed Advertising Media

Individually designed and printed, our advertising media offer maximum impact and present brands and companies in a perfect way.

Benefit from our many years of experience in manufacturing canopy tents.

As manufacturer of canopy tents, we can look back on many years of experience, which now helps us to print and personalise the inflatable advertising media in best quality.

  • Photo printing in best quality

  • High-quality printing colours

  • High quality inks

  • Individual advice

In-house Graphic Studio

Ask us for advice!

Our graphics studio is always happy to support you in developing and implementing creative ideas – geared to your corporate-design.

Quality since
Graphic Team

Excellent Fabric Quality

The polyester fabric applied (Oxford 500 D) was especially developed for our products. An outside institute performs regular checks according to ISO criteria for tensile strength, water resistance and colour fastness.

100% waterproof & fire-retardant
As a standard, the inflatable advertising media are 100 % waterproof as well as fire-retardant.

Reinforced with PVC
The contact points between the inflatable advertising media and the ground are reinforced with PVC.

Colour-fast even under UV-radiation

You Don't Have to Gasp for Air

The permanent electric blower makes the inflatable advertising media display their full splendour in no time.

 Thanks to the 220 V strong blower, a conventional socket is sufficient. In general, we can offer an internal or external blower, depending on model and application. According to size and model of the inflatable advertising media, we’ll provide you with the suitable blower.

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