We are more than just a gazebo manufacturer…

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About Mastertent

We strive to deliver first class quality. Our daily ambition is to enrich the lives of our customers and employees. We create unique moments with our products. Reliably and with passion.
We are always open to new ideas and strive to stay one step ahead. That's why we continuously optimise our products, which enables us to offer innovative solutions as industry pioneers and global leaders.

We are pleased to say that our employees are proud to work at Mastertent and therefore ready to offer their best every day!  

TÜV Certified

Our Values 

Passion, reliability, innovation, tangibility, proactivity, sustainability

Mastertent's values are unique because they have their roots in the early days of our family business and have evolved from generation to generation, adapting to the historical context. Despite the strong growth, today they are deeply rooted in the culture of our company and lived by all our employees every day.

Photovoltaic system on the old roof of the MASTERTENT company building.

We care

We are aware of our responsibility and the opportunities to contribute to sustainable development and are actively addressing this issue. Our intention is to reconcile economic goals with ecological and social interests.

The entire value chain operates within the EU. The raw materials are obtained from the country in which the production facility is located: Aluminium and steel from Italy and wood from Romania. In addition, a photovoltaic system on the roof of the company building ensures that the entire electricity is generated from 100% solar energy.

Friends are sitting under a gazebo on a Rustica beer tent set. Everybody is laughing. A girl is playing the guitar.
The vintner is pouring the white wine into the woman's glass. He is standing under the gazebo. She is standing in front of it.


Our company claim “building up moments” expresses the many memorable moments that customers associate with our products.

When a Mastertent gazebo or a beer table set has been set up, quickly and without tools, not only a pragmatic purpose is fulfilled. There is more to it. At Munich Oktoberfest, a promotion tour or a barbecue, people meet and create memorable moments. Whether you're looking for shelter from the sudden rain, or just want to enjoy our beer garden table set on a lawn, time spent in the company of Mastertent products is always special.

Read about our numerous customer moments in our online magazine and let yourself be inspired for your next project. 

You already had an experience with Mastertent? Then tell us about it! We look forward to sharing your special Mastertent moment.

Pioneering Spirit

Our history is based on values that have been handed down for many years - from 1948 to the present day. Values that significantly contribute to the success and stability of Mastertent and are part of our daily work. The milestones of Mastertent are an expression of how we have become what we are today: leading manufacturer of gazebos.

Innovative technologies and outstanding design are essential for Mastertent.

Custom-made gazebo with transparent roof on a paved square.

Anything but Ordinary

Everything about Mastertent is unique – from the products we develop to the way we interact with our customers, partners and employees.