A white banner is attached at the roof of a blue gazebo.

... that you and your gazebo attract attention.

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Gazebo Banners and Flags

How to stand out at trade fairs, markets and information events? With personalised banners and flags designed by Mastertent. With our selection of different sizes and designs, you will certainly be remembered. Gazebo banners or flags are directly attached to the top of the roof or the corners of your gazebo. The Mastertent flag can also be set up as a freestanding flag. 

What are we particularly proud of? The rotating support that can be placed on the roof, where you can fasten your personalised flag or banner.  With the rotating support on the roof and the custom-printed flag, you will be a highlight! 

Made in Europe

Gazebo Peak Flag

 For maximum visibility, even from afar.

Thanks to the specially developed flag holder, you can easily mount banners or flags on the top of the roof of your gazebo. The supplied plastic cap allows, on one hand, a simple fastening of the advertising medium and, on the other hand, it fixes the roof to the aluminium structure. The flag holder is already included in the standard equipment of all gazebos.

The Mastertent gazebo flags and banners each consist of an aluminium flag pole and a flag made of special flag fabric, which can be printed individually using the sublimation printing process.

The gazebo banner is available exclusively for gazebos with two or three gables with a height between 50 and 80 cm. On our size overview page, you can see on which roofs a banner can be attached. 

What are you waiting for? Thanks to our smart peak flag system the gazebo banner or flag can be attached in just a few seconds -for maximum visibility!


Flags & banners. To ensure you are the highlight at any event.

Corner Flag

The corner flag allows you to make your brand more visible by connecting the corners of the awnings with the gazebo's legs, making the most of the empty space. The corner flags are available for all our gazebos with 4 awnings.

Rotating Roof Peak

For maximum and unique visibility!


Ready in just 60 seconds.

100% waterproof! 


Rotating Advertising 

According to your needs we can produce a 3D advertising medium, which can be mounted on top of your gazebo. With its integrated motor, the advertising medium rotates around its axis. This way you will stand out from the crowd.


The Mastertent flag can be set up as a freestanding flag by connecting it with the cross base or the base plate, or attached to the tent frame with a connecting clamp. It is available in size 250x90 cm or, for more visibility, in size 340x95 cm. Thanks to sublimation printing, the flag can be entirely customised according to your wishes.