The market tent is for a bakery and is therefore printed with different types of bread. Behind it is standing the saleswoman cutting a loaf of bread for tasting.

Professional Market Tents

For a successful business.

Whether your gazebo is used at the fun fair, at the weekly market, the flea market or the regional or seasonal farmers' market, the requirements of a market stall or promotional tent remain the same.

Mastertent market tents are ideal for permanent use at markets and for touring salesmen.

You Consider Buying a new Market Tent?

If so, you have found your perfect partner. After many years of experience as tent builders, we are well aware of our customers' requirements. Durability and stability are vital for a market tent. Therefore, our research and development team has implemented all customer requirements in a stable gazebo, which is guaranteed to help you achieve success. 

Our Market Tent - 100 % Waterproof

Long bargaining hours, regular assembling and dismantling, changing weather conditions... sounds familiar? If so, you are probably a travelling salesman or sell your products using a market tent. We designed a smart and practical market tent based on your needs to care-free usage.

  • tool-free set up in 60 seconds
  • compact packing size and easy transport
  • 100 % waterproof
  • stable and durable

We'd love to explain all the advantages of our mobile market tent in detail. Don't hesitate and contact us!

Two hands are holding a tablet with which a tent is configured.
Design your market tent
Choose model. colour and size and design your personal gazebo- using our 3D conigurator! Configurate now

Which Market Tent Meets Your Needs?

Our market tent 3x3 is our customers' favourite. However if you prefer a slightly smaller market tent, the market tent 3x2 m or 2x2 meter would be the perfect alternative. If you prefer another size, have a look at our size overview and choose from our 12 standard sizes. 

The Proper Roof Shape for Your Market Tent

We would like to present our gazebo with awnings, which is particularly suitable as a market tent. The extended area of 65-80 cm provide shelter against rain and strong sunlight. To ensure that your guests feel comfortable regardless of the weather.

Smart Accessories for Your Market Tent

Even if you are already a proud owner of a Mastertent, we would still like to present three selected accessories especially for the market tent: 

  1. Market tent weights 
    Better safe than sorry! The weather can often change quickly, in the morning the weather is beautiful with no clouds in the sky and in the afternoon rain it is pouring.
  2. Market tent sales counter
    Our counter offers additional comfort... Easy to install without tools, it can be easily attached to your market stand. With a height of 107 cm it is ideal for conversations with your customers or to present products stylishly.
  3. Market tent lighting
    Especially in winter the sun rises late and sets early. With the proper market tent lighting, you won't have to worry about that. Every corner of your tent can be perfectly illuminated according to your needs

Impress with Prints and Colours

Personalisation is particularly important to us. Did you know? Every gazebo we produce is unique. Individual printing options are available for every product. The roof, as well as the sidewalls, can be printed. The numerous colour combinations of fabric and aluminium structure ensure that no market tent is like any other. Stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself from your market competitors. Customers will opt for you instead of the market stand next to you. 

Mitarbeiterin Melanie Hopfgartner
Author: Melanie Hopfgartner, Marketing
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