The best gazebo printing methods - printed gazebo walls, banner and valances

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Printed Gazebo

Be the eye-catcher at every event with your printed gazebo!

Impress, convince, sell. Are these your goals? We help you get the ball rolling, attract attention and convince your customers. How? With a gazebo with advertising print. Print your Mastertent gazebo with your logo and be the star at trade fairs and markets.

Whether you prefer a full-surface photo print, your company logo or an inscription on the roof or sidewalls, our in-house graphic team and printing department make it possible. You will certainly be successful in winning over your customers, potential customers and partners, no matter which gazebo size you choose.

We create your preferred design with careful attention to the smallest details.

Fire Retardant

Sublimation Printing on Gazebos

The perfect solution for a personalised gazebo with full-surface printing.

With this printing process, the roofs and sidewalls can be customised to achieve an extremely realistic result. The high scratch resistance and colour intensity are the strengths of sublimation printing. Therefore it is considered to be the perfect technique for your printed gazebo. Sublimation printing is performed on white fabric. The special printing process allows the ink to infiltrate into the fabric. 

What effect does light have on your personalised gazebo? In the sunlight, the motif printed on the outside of the gazebo can also be seen from the inside. How to avoid that? Upon request, you can print the motif on both sides of the sidewall. The printed side wall can also be sewn onto a single-colour standard wall.

Logo Thermal Printing on Gazebos

Are you considering a small print motif or a logo print for your 3x3 m gazebo? In this case the thermal transfer printing is the suitable printing technique. The desired subject is printed on a special vinyl foil which is then cut out to be applied to the fabric by selective heat transfer by means of a heat press.

Our 3D simulations enable you to visualise your gazebo and help you to decide on customisation options.

The logo "runningteam" is printed with the thermal transfer printing technique on the roof of a red gazebo.
A woman is just pulling off the foil of the thermal print.
A green gazebo from Heineken is located in front of the stage. It is used as a beverage stand at the event.

Gazebo Screen Printing

The more you print, the better. You want to print the same motif several times or customise a larger quantity of gazebos with that same print? Then we recommend screen printing. Simple letterings and logos with clear lines are transferred to a screen with the aid of chemical processes and transferred to the fabric using a squeegee.

Types of Printing on Tent Fabrics

What to pay attention to
Each type of printing is suitable for different purposes and brings different advantages and disadvantages. This is why it is always important to rely on an expert to customise your folding gazebo.
In order to choose the right type of printing, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • frequency and location of use of the folding gazebo
  • purpose of the product - advertising, sales, exhibition, etc.
  • motif and positioning of the print - should I print the entire surface or just apply a logo?
  • How many folding gazebos do I want to print?

Gazebo Printing Companies Online

The advantages of relying on Mastertent
Many online gazebo sales platforms offer the possibility to uploading a logo that is automatically placed on the folding gazebo and then printed. This method, although very fast, limits the possibilities for customisation, allows only logos and letterings to be printed and can cause various problems such as incorrect positioning or proportions.

To avoid these limitations, we at Mastertent have decided to support the customer with a specialised graphics team that not only positions logos and letterings so that they are visible and legible, but also creates a comprehensive design in line with the corporate identity. From the simple insertion of the logo to the final design, our graphic designers with years of experience will turn each folding gazebo into something unique. It will be highly visible and recognisable, an authentic representation of your brand that you will be proud to display.

No element is ever left to fate and you will always be the one to confirm the final draft or request any changes. You have complete control and know exactly how the finished product will look like before we deliver it to you. 

Gazebo Printing Process

From order to delivery. What are the steps that will lead you to receive your printed gazebo at home in less than two weeks?

Once you have chosen the type, size and quantity of the folding gazebo(s), you are ready to tell the representative you are in contact with, where you would like to place the motifs and to send him/her the files in the required formats.

The representative will provide our graphics team with all the information and data you have supplied. At this point, the designers will create a graphic draft of your gazebo in both two and three dimensions. The 3D rendering enables a clear, complete and perspective image of the gazebo, so that the team can take care of the smallest details and the customer can get a realistic idea of the final result. Given our in-house graphics department, lead times are very short.

Once the graphic sketches and 3D renderings are ready, they are sent to you. We never proceed to the printing before the customer confirms the draft and you will always be able to request changes. Our team is at your disposal and will ensure that you receive exactly what you envisioned.

Only after your confirmation will we proceed with the printing of the various tent components. This procedure is very fast thanks to our in-house printing department, and in a maximum of two weeks you will receive your printed gazebo at home.

Gazebo Printing Prices and Quotations

How do I get an exact quote for the printed gazebo?
Once you have chosen the type of gazebo, the size and number of gazebos to be printed, we need the following information for an exact cost estimate:

  • What do you want to print?
    Logos, letterings or photos. We will suggest the type of printing that best suits your needs.
  • Where do you want to print it?
    On the roof, the valances, removable valances, on one/two sides of the sidewalls.
  • Tell us if your files with the graphic material are already in the correct format for printing or if they need to be adjusted (you don't have to send them for receiving the quotation).
  • If you already have everything you would like to print ready in the correct formats, you can also send them right away.

Graphic Output on Gazebo Fabric

With regard to design, great attention must be paid to:

  • visibility from different distances,
  • readability,
  • balance,
  • optical effect,
  • cohesion and consistency with the brand image and
  • printing colour accurancy on coloured fabrics.

The possibilites are many and it is difficult to take into account every aspect without experience. Our experienced team of designers will propose the most suitable option for your needs and implement your ideas, ensuring that they are not only brilliant but also functional.

Reparto grafico
FAQ Gazebo Graphic Design

All of them! Our three different types of printing, the thermal, screen and sublimation printing, can be performed without limitation on all tent surfaces: the sidewalls on both sides (also those with windows, with doors, or at half-height), the roof and roof valances.

Printed Gazebo Walls

The sidewalls can be printed on the inside, on the outside, or on both sides.
In case of double-sided printing, we print two separate walls in 500D Oxford fabric and stitch them together, placing an additional layer of black fabric between the two. This prevents the two prints from leaking out in the backlight. On request, we also apply an additional layer of fabric to the walls printed on only one side.

With sublimation printing, the sidewalls can be printed on the whole surface, thus also including the fabric forming the corners of the tent. If preferred, the corners and edges can also remain in a neutral colour.

Printed Gazebo Valance and Roof

Both the valance and the upper part of the gazebo roof can be printed.

In case you would like to participate in several different events with the same gazebo, but need to change the lettering or logos on the valances, we offer the possibility of printing one or more valances, which can then be used and exchanged as desired. They are fixed on the gazebo's roof by means of a sturdy Velcro.

You normally receive the first graphic draft within one working day or even faster. Such short lead times are made possible by our in-house graphics department, which starts working on your order immediately upon receipt.

custom printing flags and banners for gazebo

Yes! Flags, banners and rotating media of any size are fully customisable too. Also in this case, our graphics team will create drafts based on what you request and take care of the size, colours and layout.

That's what we are here for! We will not proceed with the printing until you are completely satisfied with the result of the graphic draft. You will receive the draft of the gazebo in both 2D and 3D, so that you can analyse the smallest details and get a realistic idea of how your gazebo will look. Furthermore, you will not have to write or talk to different people, but only with your contact person who will then contact our design department.

Vector files are always the best, because they can be enlarged without loss of quality.

  • For screen printing, vector files (ai/ pdf/ eps) are mandatory.
  • The same also applies to thermal printing. If we do not have vector files, we have to print the logo with the background and this is not recommended.
  • For sublimation, vector data and/or high-resolution images are required.
  • For a full surface dye-sublimation print, we need:
    • The print file on a scale of 1:1 with a resolution of 100 dpi; or on a scale of 1:10 with a resolution of 300 dpi. 
    • All fonts must be converted into paths.
    • The print file must be without overhangs or crop marks.
    • All images must be embedded in the file.

We can recreate the most linear logos by hand and save them as a vector file. It must be taken into consideration that this is additional time and work for our graphics department. 

The lettering can be reproduced by our graphics team in a format suitable for printing by following the indications (size and font) that you provide and, if necessary, adapting them to maximise readability and graphic performance.

High quality sublimation photo printing on gazebo fabric - coffee bean texture

Thanks to sublimation printing, it is also possible to print photos on both the gazebo's roof and sidewalls. The print quality is excellent and your photos will be extremely detailed. For optimal printing, the photo format should be on a scale of 1:1 with 100 dpi or of 1:100 with 300 dpi.

Do you need a commercial printed gazebo?