The seller in the fruit stand is serving his customers. He is handing over different kinds of fruit in a paper bag to a woman. The pavilion is printed with vegetables, fruit and the inscription "NATURALIS".

Square, hexagonal and octagonal pavilions

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Beer Stands

Are you still looking for the suitable refreshment- or beer stand that keeps you and your guests safe at any weather? Your search has now come to an end! Choose a square, hexagonal and octagonal pavilion from Mastertent and never worry again!

Thanks to the stable construction made of galvanised steel, the waterproof PVC roof and the fire-retardant varnishing of the counter boards, the Mastertent pavilion ensures maximum safety.

Just as individual as yourself! 3 sizes, 2 roofs, 10 colours and individual printing - your brand, your stand.

Our pavilions are frequently being tested in the wind tunnel!

Hexagonal Pavilion

Not too big and not too small. Leading breweries prefer the hexagonal pavilion size for their beer- and refreshment stands. The space around the pavilion can comfortably accommodate up to 24 people. The capacity can be increased to 42 people with the counter extension.

  • Roof width = 5.76 m
  • Interior width = 3.25 m
  • Ridge height = 3.35 m
The information stand was printed with a city.

Square Pavilion

The smallest pavilion in our range has been especially designed as a sales, ticket or information stand. The small span width facilitates use in smaller spaces. Nevertheless, the space around our small pavilion can comfortably accommodate up to 16 people.

  • Roof width = 3.25 m
  • Interior width = 1.64 m
  • Ridge height = 3.35 m
Made in Europe
A white star-shaped hexagonal pavilion with a simple printing on a white background. The roof of the pavilion is printed with the logo "FRESH JUICE", while the panels are printed with vitamin-rich fruit.

Star-Shaped Hexagonal Pavilion

The star-shaped PVC roof skilfully sets the stage for the pavilion and makes it appear even more spacious, light-flooded and modern. The classic hexagonal pavilion can also be reconditioned with the star-shaped pavilion roof by simply replacing the gable and cantilever arms of the roof structure.


  • Roof width = 6.32 m
  • Interior width = 3.25 m
  • Ridge height = 3.97 m
TÜV Certified
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Octagonal Pavilion

The octagonal pavilion provides an enormous amount of space - for dispensing equipment and sales staff inside as well as for guests and customers outside. It has a capacity of 40 people at the counters. Like our classic hexagonal pavilion, also our large octagonal pavilion is ideal for big parties, events and other open air events. 

The capacity around the pavilion can easily be increased from 40 to 56 people, thanks to the counter extension.

  • Roof width = 6.13 m
  • Interior width = 3.66 m
  • Ridge height = 3.52 m

Specially designed for mobile use, our beer stands can be assembled in a few minutes.

Overlapping fabric samples for the pavilion roofs - from left to right: white, light grey, ecru, yellow, orange, red, light blue, dark blue, green, black.

Add Some Colour

To be recognised from afar at your next folk festival or any other event, it is essential to attract attention with your beer- or refreshment stand.  Mastertent helps you with that! Personalise your pavilion by adding some colour or print. The pavilion roofs are available in 10 colours and can be completely personalised using digital printing. The white side panels can also be individually designed according to your wishes, using digital printing.

Easy Set-Up Within 15 Minutes

Thanks to its quick-locking technology, the Mastertent pavilion can be opened within a very short time and no additional tools are required.  First the base frame is assembled, then the side panels and counter elements are added and finally the roof is mounted.

Our beer stands were especially designed for mobile use. It can be assembled and dismantled by two persons within only 15 minutes – without any tools

In this way, you can easily erect your pavilion at any time at different locations. The beer stands are especially sturdy thanks to their galvanised steel structure and due to the height-adjustable feet, even uneven subsoil can be compensated.

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The Transport Box

We deliver our pavilion in a handy transport case. The individual parts of the pavilion are packaged in 5 compact steel transport boxes, which ensure easy transport and space-saving storage. The division into compartments ensures all the single parts of the pavilion to be stored in a safe and well-arranged manner. In this way, roof, structure, counter, and panels are always stored properly. The transport case can either be transported as a whole (with a forklift) or as several boxes by hand.

Beer Stands Personalised With Individual Printing

Advertise on your own account! The waterproof PVC roof and the surrounding panels can be printed over the entire surface, so that your beer stand is perfectly put in the scene. 

Matched to your individual corporate design, a beer stand becomes an effective advertising medium that focuses on brands and companies at events of all kinds.

Our own typography and in-house team of graphic experts will turn your beer stand into a true masterpiece, taking care of every single detail. 

Graphic Team

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