Red pavilion for football club on green football field with blurred people in crowd at night


Stable, durable, waterproof and fire-retardant.

The Mastertent pavilion is an excellent robust and heavy-duty option for information centers, food and beverage stands, promotions or sales activities, and much more. The roof and side panels are completely customizable with high-quality printing options. Attract attention, deliver a message and give your visitors the best experience possible. 

Thanks to a tool-free, quick-locking set up, the pavilion can be ready for use in just a few minutes. the interlocking transport and storage boxes make maneuvering the pavilion to and from venues easier and organized - no specialized set up crews required. 

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Our pavilions are frequently being tested in the wind tunnel!

The Hexagonal Pavilion

Not too big and not too small. Leading breweries prefer the hexagonal pavilion size for their beer- and refreshment stands. The space around the pavilion can comfortably accommodate up to 24 people. The capacity can be increased to 42 people with the counter extension.

The Square Pavilion

The smallest pavilion in our range has been especially designed as a sales, ticket or information stand for smaller space applications, but can comfortably accomodate up to 16 people.

Made in Europe
Made in Europe

The Octagonal Pavilion

The octagonal pavilion provides an enormous amount of space - for dispensing equipment and sales staff inside as well as for guests and customers outside. It has a capacity of 40 people at the counters. Like our classic hexagonal pavilion, also our large octagonal pavilion is ideal for big parties, events and other open air events. 

The capacity around the pavilion can easily be increased from 40 to 56 people, thanks to the counter extension.

TÜV Certified
Fast Delivery

Specially designed for mobile use, our beer stands can be assembled in a few minutes.

Get inspired!

A Mastertent pavilion set up as a check-in station for kayak rentals. Designed with a blue roof and printed photos around the base panels.
Links im Bild steht ein Pavillon mit Theke, weißem Dach und roter Flagge auf der Dachspitze. Links hinter diesem steht ein großes, weißes Zelt mit Seitenwänden. Rechts im Bild befinden sich noch zwei weiße Zelte mit weißem Dach.

Add Some Color

Be recognized from afar at your next festival or event and attract attention with your beer- or refreshment stand. Mastertent helps you with that! Personalize your pavilion by adding some color or print. The pavilion roofs are available in 10 colors and can be completely personalized using digital printing. The white side panels can also be individually designed according to your wishes, using digital printing.

Easy 15 Minute Set Up

Thanks to its quick-locking technology, the Mastertent pavilion can be opened within a very short time and no additional tools are required.  First the base frame is assembled, then the side panels and counter elements are added before the roof is finally mounted.

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