Upgrade your canopy tent for a complete solution.

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Canopy Tent Accessories

Mastertent accessories are designed to work seamlessly with our canopy tents – just as well-thought-out in every detail and ready for everyday use.

Mastertent canopy tents can be outfitted with LED lighting, wood counters for increased functionality, stylish roof flags, and advertising surfaces for giving your brand an appealing edge! They offer outstanding performance in challenging weather with mobile electric heaters, rain gutter systems, and heavy-duty base weights.

All accessories come complete, ready-to-use, with no tools needed – set-up and take down are super simple!

Canopy Tent Sidewalls

Create your perfect tent configuration with your choice of our seven sidewall styles. Equip your tent to fit your needs or prepare for changing weather conditions.

Canopy Tent Counters

Easy set-up, ready to serve. Quick and easy set-up, attaching to the tent frame with their support. Perfect addition for event tents serving food and beverages or simply needing space to interact with customers. Use as single counter space or several together.

Flags & Banners

Sky-high signage. Our eye-catching peak flags and banners bring added impact to your canopy tent roof. 

Canopy Tent Securing

Safety first. Safety is a top priority at Mastertent, which is why we have industry-leading heavy-duty securing and fastening solutions. 

  • Heavy Duty Ground Anchors and Straps
  • Galvanized Cast Iron Base Weights
  • Concrete Weight Ballasting Systems

Ground Anchors

Safety from the top down. Clipped into a securing loop along the tent's roofline, these ground anchor straps and stakes are seriously heavy-duty.

Base Weights

Streamlined stability. These cast-iron base weights are as sleek as they are stable. Available in multiple weight options, stackable, and equipped with easy-carry handles.

Canopy Tent Ballast System

Serious Security. These concrete block and anchor ballasting systems combine to provide the perfect blend of top and base securing for your canopy tent.

Canopy Tent Lighting Systems

In the spotlight. Extend your mobile activities into the night with our attachable tent lighting systems. Choose between our high-intensity LED system that has dimmable controls or our conventional LED lighting kit. 

Mobile Climate Control

Keep comfortable. With mounted electric fans and infrared heaters, you can keep operations cool and business heating up!  

TÜV Certified

Removable Valances

Flexible advertising. Customize your tent with seasonal or temporary designs with removeable, printed valances. Easily attached with simple velcro fastenings. 

Sidewall Bag

Transport made easy. Keep your canopy tent sidewalls organized and ready to move with this sleek PVC carrying bag. Options for 4 or 6 sidewall capacity.

Transport Wheels

Attachable mobility. Our clip on transport wheel sets allow you to easily tilt and roll your canopy tent from A to B. Tool-free, easy to attach, available in two size options.

PVC Transport Bag

On the move. Make transportation and storage easy! Simply tuck your Mastertent away in it's heavy-duty PVC transport bag until your next event!

Canopy Tent Ceiling

Clean and elegant. Create a dreamlike atmosphere and cleverly hide your tent’s inner aluminum structure with a canopy tent ceiling. Easily attached the high-quality sheer fabric to your tent’s frame with snap fasteners for a quick set-up and luxurious results.

Multi-Tent System Accessories

Strong connection. Merge two or more canopy tents and expand your space with our connecting clamps. Easily combine different shapes and thicknesses of tent legs with a simple and secure connection.

Stable & Strong
100% Waterproof
Quick & Easy

Rain Gutter

Rain or shine. Built for use with multi-tent systems, the PVC rain gutter is easily positioned between two or more canopy tents to prevent rain from entering in between the rooftops. Available in our full color range with your choice of one or two pour outlets.