Canopy Tent Weights and Securing Systems

Mastertent is serious about security. 

Mastertent canopy tents can withstand extreme wind speeds, wind tunnel tested to over 60+ mph (100 km/h).

How is that possible? Strong, high-quality construction and proper securing using Mastertent extreme performance canopy tent weights and ground anchors!

  • When on solid ground, such as concrete or asphalt, our galvanized cast iron canopy tent weights are to very best solution - available in 22 or 60 lbs. options.
  • In grass, sand or other soft ground environments, our extremely heavy-duty ground anchors strapped at the top of each leg are excellent.
  • If your canopy tent is used in a routine place, like a market booth or even your private patio, the feet are designed with securing slots for ground bolts.

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Canopy Tent Weights

When you want to setup on solid surfaces and feel confident that your canopy tent is secure - Mastertent base weights are your solution! Galvanized cast iron for the ultimate in outdoor durability - extremely strong and will never rust. Designed to easy to handle and great looking in a slide-on 22 lbs. version or a two-piece 60 lbs.

For maximum stability, use our 60 lbs. Canopy tent weights on all canopy tent feet. They have a great low-profile look in the two-piece design - 1 in. tall and an approx. diameter of 16 in. If you are operating in extremely windy conditions, our base weights can be stacked for additional security.

For good stability with even easier handling, our 22 lbs. Canopy tent weights on all tent feet are a great solution. The low-profile slide-on design is approx. 1 in. tall by 12 in. diameter. If you are looking for easy single weight handling, but need our larger weight performance consider stacking 2 - 3: 22 lbs. weights on each tent foot.

Das Befestigungsset für Faltpavillons bestehend aus Hammer, Spanngurten und Heringen.

Ground Anchors

These are some serious spikes - our heavy-duty Ground Anchors are designed to give extreme security when setting up your canopy tent on soft ground. Mastertent canopy roofs are designed with a securing loop over each tent leg. Sets available with 4 or 6 spiral anchors, tensioning straps, installation hammer and carrying case.

Canopy tents stability - tested at wind speeds over 60+ mph (100 km/h).

Canopy tent securing is important. Here are some helpful tips.

Your event may be set up perfectly, but the weather can turn in an instant.

The key to properly securing your canopy tents

Mother nature is nothing to mess around with, and a canopy tent can quickly become a parachute doing damage to your property and others if the right wind suddenly hits.

Better safe than sorry! Please always be safe and aware of weather conditions. It's a much wiser investment to initially get the right securing equipment, rather than spending that money on damages, insurance deductibles or tent replacement parts.

We try to make being safe easy to do - designed with convenient built-in carrying grips, molded stacking inserts and a low-profile size, the 22 and 60 lbs. Mastertent base weights can be easily stored, transported and connected to your canopy tent. 

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